1. Björn Borg | Working out in a church

    Working out in a church

    We used science to create a symphony that increases your performance, and we couldn’t wait long to try out our new favourite workout track and the benefits of it.

  1. Björn Borg | The Rage Gym

    The Rage Gym

    It's good to be a person who never bruises, never loses control and is always well ordered. But is it really healthy to go about our days suppressing everything negative that comes our way?

    Not according to science.

    So watch us go nuts in the Rage Gym - this is #Ragefulness.

  2. Björn Borg | Cardio Tennis in Hyde Park

    Cardio Tennis in Hyde Park

    Cardio Tennis is a high energy workout that combines the best features of the sport of tennis with intense cardio.

  3. Björn Borg | Sports Hour with Fashionablefit

    Sports Hour with Fashionablefit

    Join Hannah's weekly workouts, new ones released every Friday at 11AM. #bjornborgsportshour

  4. Björn Borg | Team BorgCamp

    Team BorgCamp

    During three weeks in May we gathered a team of 20 enthusiastic people for our training camp, hosted together with FitnessCollection.

  5. Björn Borg | Box and HIIT at Another Space

    Box and HIIT at Another Space

    We brought some friends with us for a HIIT class at Another Space Bank, London.

  6. Björn Borg | Mud, fire and more mud

    Mud, fire and more mud

    We’re teaming up with Tough Viking, the leading and largest Obstacle Race in Scandinavia. The obstacles are massive and consist of water, mud, monkey bars and barbed wire. Do you dare to join in?

  7. Björn Borg | Vivendii x Björn Borg

    Vivendii x Björn Borg

    We’ve teamed up with the London based Nigerian designer trio Vivendii for a limited edition collection.

  8. Björn Borg | Come sweat with us!

    Come sweat with us!

    Make sure you don’t miss out on our open training sessions. How about some free running classes, kick boxing or yoga?

  9. Björn Borg | Finding #Ragefulness in London

    Finding #Ragefulness in London

    Haven't you heard that losing it makes you stronger? In London, we were there to try it out.

  10. Björn Borg | Sustainable shorts made from hemp

    Sustainable shorts made from hemp

    Hemp breathes well and dries fast. Grown free from pesticides it is also renewable, highly durable and allergy friendly. All so that you can boost your inner strength and be your very best.

  11. Björn Borg | Charles Jeffrey Loverboy x Björn Borg

    Charles Jeffrey Loverboy x Björn Borg

    SCREAM, SQUIGGLE, SQUIRM - three limited edition prints with inspiration from joy, movement, and Loverboy’s signature portrait.

  12. Björn Borg | Launching RBN at Browns East, London

    Launching RBN at Browns East, London

    The global launch event of RBN at Browns Fashion, London. 

  13. Björn Borg | Robyn x Björn Borg = RBN

    Robyn x Björn Borg = RBN

    We have teamed up with international pop star and fashion icon Robyn to release RBN an exclusive capsule collection.

  14. Björn Borg | New workouts by Fashionablefit

    New workouts by Fashionablefit

    Three new workout programs available now - hosted by Fashionablefit. "Exercising is an investment in yourself, and moving my body has become a vital part of my wellbeing. So let’s do this, let’s chase the Exerhighs together!"

  15. Björn Borg | 1. Cardio workout

    1. Cardio workout

    ENDORPHINS AND ADRENALINE. Hosted by Fashionablefit - this is your cardio workout! Choose a form of cardio like running, bike, row machine and/or skier and just follow the program to release those endorphins.

  16. Björn Borg | 2. Strength workout

    2. Strength workout

    SEROTONIN. A workout hosted by Fashionablefit. This is the second training program, specially made to increase the levels of serotonin in your brain. Let's chase the Exerhighs!

  17. Björn Borg | 3. Strength workout

    3. Strength workout

    DOPAMINE. It's time to release the dopamine in this third and final workout by Fashionablefit. Let's get strong. 

  18. Björn Borg | Alexander's travel blog, pt 2
    Team Borg

    Alexander's travel blog, pt 2

    Part two of #TEAMBORG member Alexander's travel blog, this time visiting Australia.

  19. Björn Borg | Sweden's Christmas gift of the year

    Sweden's Christmas gift of the year

    The recycled garment represents the time we live in.

  20. Björn Borg | What is Solution Dye?

    What is Solution Dye?

    Colour is thirsty. But when dyeing fabrics with the Solution Dye technique, we can reduce both water and chemical waste.

  21. Björn Borg | @alexanderarnholm travel blog pt 1
    Team Borg

    @alexanderarnholm travel blog pt 1

    A travel blog by #TEAMBORG member and photographer Alexander, sharing his experiences of Australia and New Zeeland.

  22. Björn Borg | #TEAMBORG - @fer_calisthenics
    Team Borg

    #TEAMBORG - @fer_calisthenics

    "Staying disciplined and hungry in everything you do makes you the best version of yourself."

  23. Björn Borg | Workout with Fashionablefit

    Workout with Fashionablefit

    Chase the Exerhighs together with Fashionablefit - download full workout schedules here. 

  24. Björn Borg | Swap drugs for sportswear - workout is the new high

    Swap drugs for sportswear - workout is the new high

    We opened up a pop up store in central Amsterdam where people could swap one high for another, and trade drugs for sportswear. 

  25. Björn Borg | #TEAMBORG - m.ssmaria
    Team Borg

    #TEAMBORG - m.ssmaria

    "The court is my happy place."

  26. Björn Borg | #TEAMBORG - @ollivves
    Team Borg

    #TEAMBORG - @ollivves

    "A crazy guy with a camera chasing a far away dream."

  27. Björn Borg | Chase the Exerhighs

    Chase the Exerhighs

    Training does brilliant things with our bodies, that’s no news. What’s more fascinating is what it does to our brains.

  28. Björn Borg | Green Smash by Björn Borg

    Green Smash by Björn Borg

    Together with holistic health bar Blueberry Lifestyle, we have developed a smoothie absolutely packed with yummy goodness.

  29. Björn Borg | Marriage Unblocked

    Marriage Unblocked

    Opening up marriage for all via blockchain. Because no state or religion should control love. Just like sports, love is for everyone.

  30. Björn Borg | Female Heroes

    Female Heroes

    They inspire us everyday by pursuing their dreams and breaking barriers in business, technology and beyond. We wanted to highlight and tribute women who have had an impact, by interviewing two female heroes. Sharing a few words of wisdom including their experiences, setbacks and challenges of being leaders and mentoring others.