Robin Packalen

Meet Robin

Our new Finnish brand ambassador is one of Scandinavia’s biggest superstars. The charismatic and talented artist is now ready to enter the global arena. He likes to play with contrasts in his music – and in his style.

Tell us a bit about your relationship with the brand!

My lifestyle is all over the place. I don’t have too many routines in my life I try to follow. Allthough working out is one of the few things I keep on to. The reason why I love working out so much is that it makes me feel like a superhero at times. This life is a mental game and I need to be on top of it. Björn Borg represents ambition not obsession, and so do I. There is nothing in this world that is more important than your health, your family and your friends. You can try to beat the system, but without love and care it won’t feel the same. You gotta have fun. Otherwise there’s no point of even trying. 

What does training mean to you?

Training is a big part of my life. The driving force that keeps me working out is my motivation to be the most energetic entertainer in the world. When I’m on stage, the last thing I want to offer to my audience is a guy who is phlegmatic and outta juice. That keeps me going!

How does a regular day in the life of an artist look like?

Every day of my life is different. When the inspiration stings, you must act immediately. To me it doesn’t matter if it’s 3am or 6pm. The only thing that matters is that the idea is reserved well so that the people out there could be able to relate to my stories. Therefore I’m a night worker, because nobody’s going to interrupt my thoughts in the night. Which is awesome. All the other stuff can be done properly during the day. Workouts, meetings, interviews etc. 

How do you prepare for a performance? Are there any specific rituals you follow?

The main preparation for the show is done way ahead, but when it comes to the time right before the show, it is quite different to say the least. Every time I find myself creating a hype amongst the people around me. I also warm up by doing some stretching because my shows are very energetic and I can’t afford to break any part of my body during the tour. I remember that I fell off the stage five times during one summer festival season. So it’s quite intense to your body as well. Without warming up it’s much harder to switch from the boy next door into a superstar. 

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