Björn Borg | How to train like Joel

How to train like Joel


Joel Kinnaman on filming Suicide Squad, his favorite type of training (clue: one of the fastest growing fighting arts in the world)  and how to physically prepare for new roles as an actor.


What’s your workout routine? What does training mean to you?

Training has become a big part of my life and I have had the privilege in being able to try out so many different types of training methods through my job.


The key component for me in training is to mix it up and try new things. Therefore, I don’t have a specific workout routine but I tried Brazilian jiu-jitsu for a role and got totally hooked so I try to do that three-four times a week combined with my normal training.


Jujitsu training. Image source: @joelkinnaman


What does your training schedule look like on a regular week?

If I’m training for a specific role my schedule is crazy. For the Netflix series "Altered Carbon" I trained three to five hours a day over six months to get into the role.


On a normal week, I try to get in a mix of Thai boxing, Brazilian Juijuitsu, Surfing and weight-lifting.



You’re recording the sequel to Suicide Squad, how does it feel and how do you prepare for this physically?

It feels great! This time around I didn’t need to do as much weapons training so it was more about getting fit and bigger. So mostly lifting weights and martial arts training. 



Preparing for new projects – do you set up a specific workout routine?

It very much depends on the project I would say. If I’m playing more of a dramatic role where the person is normal sized, I would focus more on those types of routines like jiu-jitsu or even yoga.


For some or the roles I need to learn specific skills such as martial arts, so then that automatically becomes a part of both my mental and physical training for the role. I always cater the training towards how I want to the character to look.