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Lyocell underwear

Silky smooth

Discover our Tencel ™ Lyocell underwear for men. TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres are of organic origin, have a silky-soft texture, and naturally regulate your body temperature. The fibres are derived from sustainable wood sources, produced in a closed-loop process, and certified as biodegradable.

The silky smooth fabric with its cool and soft feel makes for a wonderful sensation when worn.

Here at Björn Borg, you will find men's underwear in Lyocell, both in trunks and as boxer shorts.

Lyocell boxers & trunks

Classic trunks for you who want a slightly lower waist and shorter legs. The Solid Tencel Trunk has a stylish design with discreet seams and on top an elastic with Björn Borg print tone in tone. The material in TENCEL ™ breathable and stretchy elastane.

FAQ about Lyocell

  • What is Lyocell

    - Lyocell is a semi-synthetic fibre, often used to make textiles for clothing. It’s a plant-based fibre, but it's also processed with advanced synthetic substances – that makes it semi-synthetic.

    Lyocell material is both naturally biodegradable and compostable. The making of Lyocell starts with harvesting wood, often from eucalyptus trees. This wood is broken down into tiny pieces and then chemicals are added to dissolve it into a wood pulp.

    The result is a liquid and sticky raw cellulose. These solvents doesn't change the chemical structure of cellulose, they're only an instrument to alter its form.

    The liquid is heated and broken into small pieces using a solvent called Amine oxide, which isn't harmfull plus it's also recyclable.

    After being filtered, the cellulose goes through a spinning process that turns it into bright, long and thin fibers.

    Then the fibers are washed, dried and lubricated, until they're ready to be spun into a yarn and woven into the final Lyocell fabric.

    The production process is a closed loop - that means that the manufacturing process doesn't create harmfull by-products. The chemicals used are not toxic and can be reused again and again - also meaning that they won't be released in the environment when the process is finished.

  • What is TENCEL™ Lyocell?

    - TENCEL™ is a type of Lyocell. Tencel and Lyocell are both wood-based pulp fibres.

  • What is the difference between Lyocell and cotton?

    - Lyocell is commonly known as a semi-synthetic fibre or as a processed cellulosic fibre. It has natural origins but it's processed with synthetic substances. Read more about the process above.

    Cotton is a natural fabric produced from the fibres surrounding the seeds of the cotton plant.

    Lyocell is breathable, stretchy, and moisture-wicking, making it a great fabric for active wear. Cotton is also a super soft, breathable material that is very comfortable on your skin. Cotton is relatively stretchy, though it is not as stretchy as lyocell. Another difference is that cotton isn't moisture-wicking like Lyocell is.

  • Does Lyocell shrink?

    - When washed gently, Lyocell can shrink around 3% in the first wash and then resist shrinking from there on. If you would wash it in high temperatures it would shrink, so be sure to wash in low temperature and follow the washing instructions on the label.

  • How do you wash Lyocell underwear?

    - Machine wash your Lyocell underwear at 40° and wash them with similar colours . Don’t dry clean them. Tumble on low heat or most preferably air dry them. Even when the weather doesn't permit, there are always solutions for drying indoors. Here you can get even more smart washing advice.

  • Is Lyocell stretchy?

    - TENCEL ™ Lyocell fabric is stretchy and is an efficient moisture absorber. This makes the fabric very suitable for activewear. Lyocell can also be combined with other fibres to make it more stretchy, for example elastane.

  • Is Lyocell breathable?

    - Yes it’s highly breathable. Lyocell have a silky-soft texture, and naturally regulate your body temperature. The fibres naturally transport moisture and keep your skin feeling fresh at all times.

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