Men's Briefs

Briefs, our well-loved undergarments without legs, stand out for their unique design. Unlike other underpants, briefs lack material that extends over the thighs, which means they don't ride up and are an ideal choice to wear under snug-fitting trousers. In addition to this, they offer maximum comfort and support.

With over 30 years of dedicated craftsmanship, we've continuously refined and enhanced our underwear. Through multiple iterations and developments, we've remained true to our heritage, never taking shortcuts because we understand the importance of achieving the perfect fit. Our briefs consistently maintain their popularity, offering a comfortable fit and flexibility, ensuring that our customers always get the best.




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The history of briefs

Briefs were already launched in the 30s by Coopers, Inc. in Chicago and were then called "the Jockey". The name comes from the fact that they have supportive properties similar to those of a "jockstrap". It quickly became a great success and already after the first three months they had sold 30,000 pairs.

They were often used by athletes and are still popular underpants to train in. The cut gives you maximum mobility, making briefs perfect for cardio and other active training where you move a lot.

Briefs in soft and flexible cotton

When it comes to underpants, briefs are a real classic. In our selection, you will find this iconic underpants model in quality cotton that is sustainably sourced and has a high level of breathability. The mix with elastane gives the underpants extra elasticity and stretch. The material is soft and flexible and the fit is perfect.

Cotton Stretch is available in both briefs, trunks and boxers.

Stylish briefs in various designs

Our briefs for men are available in both classic white and black, but also in stronger colors. The briefs have a medium waist and short legs. On the top there is a soft microfiber elastic with classic Björn Borg print that completes the design.