We don’t believe in norms - we believe in following our own vision with clear determination.

We stand up for what we believe in and fight against any norm, ideal or tradition that prevents people from reaching their full potential.

Even though we have entered a new decade some things in our society are highly obsolete and in need for a change. Today, men who have sex with men can’t donate blood on the same basis as heterosexuals in Sweden. Together with the organization #Regnbågsblod, we are challenging these homophobic regulations.

“The regulation is outdated and this disqualification is not supported by science or evidence. We need more blood donors in Sweden, not more homophobia.” - Tobias Ström, founder of #Regnbågsblod

Other countries are miles ahead, and we need to step up. Lately, the US, Canada and Denmark eased the rules for gays to donate blood, but Sweden, among others, still holds on to outdated and homophobic regulations.

Blood donors should be selected based on risk exposure - not gender or sexual preference. Knowledge before fear.

Join our journey to fight these regulations and help us spread awareness!


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