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International Women's Day - HER Global Network

For International Women’s Day 2018 we want to highlight and celebrate strong women everywhere! We found Aleksandra Avli, a true female hero – a woman who believes that staying true to ourselves will inspire and empower others. 

HER celebrates womanhood and believe that women will pave the way for other women, that vulnerability will bring us closer together and that giving will heal the world.

Aleksandra Avli


Who are you? Tell us about yourself!

I love this question! I am a person who builds bridges and engineer ideas. I like to challenge and change my own and others reality. I care about what’s inside as well as the outside. I love philosophical conversations about life while expressing myself through my style. I am loving and present. I am a superstar who receives energy from supporting other superstars.


What sparked the idea for HER?

After my studies at Stockholm University I got a job foreign policy and early on in my career, I met women who didn’t support each other. My co-founder, Sofia Kacim, and I wanted to change that.


What do you do at 'HER'?

We arrange one monthly event which we like to host as intimate HER dinners. This sets a certain setting and presence that we find beneficial for our members. Usually we invite a “HER Guest of Honor”; a very inspirational woman that has a lot to say about the specific topic of that night.


Thanks to a lot of passion and love we are currently in 15 different cities world wide, each run by one HER founding member and a HER team. We all meet once a year for a HER Global Summit, where we learn from one another and share local as well as global wisdom and challenges.


HER Global Network is invite only. However you can apply to become a member on our website, where you can also refer a friend who you think should become a member. It’s important to us that our members are women who are interested in building on our values.

What is your goal for HER? 

To create an authentic and personal place for women to meet and help each other reach our dreams and visions in life. A place where our similarities bring us closer together and our differences takes us further than we could have imagined.


What is International Women's Day to you?

I am not sure people know or understand the meaning of the word feminist. It’s very simple. A feminist is someone who believes in equal rights for men and women. We are not there yet, and we need this day to shed light on that problem.


I also think it’s about changing how we women think about ourselves. We need to “step up our game” and take the lead, even when it’s not offered.


How can women support each other better?

I think we are getting pretty good at supporting each other. Now it is time to build companies together, recruit each other and invest in each other, and for that we need a platform like HON (the digital extension of HER).


Where do you find inspiration and motivation?

I cleanse my life from bad things and rebuild through physical exercise. I work out three to four times per week and meditate at least an hour per day. In addition, I travel to experience new places and see the world through new eyes. It helps me to be receptive to new impressions.


Who inspires you?

My mother and her endless warmth. Everything I do, I do to thank her for the opportunities she has given me and keeps on giving through energy and love.


What gives you strength?

Again, my mother, and our entire HER Network, with all its amazing members. I often get reminded of how incredible it is to be apart of life’s strongest support system - your social network. I cannot point out enough how much better the world is with #PowerofHER!


What is your biggest challenge?

Understanding the Swedish Tax Agency's forms, everything else is under control.


What advice can you give on how to dare to do what you believe in?

Build your own road to success. Because every little step you walk on that road will make you face new opportunities. If you are convinced about what you want to do and what you can do, then everyone around you will be convinced too.


What advice can you give on how to create the best version of yourself?

To get to know yourself in depth. To know what makes you forget time, because when you are at the right place, time is endless. Once you have find that part of yourself, you are the best version of yourself in all contexts because you know yourself better than anyone else. 


HER - Who they are and what they do

HER is a community of women who value authenticity, empathy & genuine connection. They believe that women will pave the way for other women, that vulnerability will bring us closer together and that giving will heal the world.

The mission of HER is to bring together a diverse group of women to learn from and support one another. In a world where the curated version of yourself has become the focal point, we strive to create an environment where the authentic self is celebrated.

Aleksandra Avli

NAME: Aleksandra Avli

BORN: Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

LIVES: In Stockholm, and 200% at the HER office

EDUCATION: Bachelor in Political Science and Economy

OCCUPATION: Building a better future for you and me by building HON (the digital extension of HER network)

PASSION: My work, my boyfriend, my friends and my newly made playlists at Spotify

ROLE MODEL: My mother, always.

FAVORITE WORKOUT: At Fightbox in Stockholm

MOTTO: "It's not your surroundings that define you, it's the decisions you make every day"