Björn Borg | Sports Hour with Fashionablefit

Sports Hour with Fashionablefit

Every Friday Hannah Andersson, also known as Fashionablefit, will be hosting digital weekly workouts together with us.



”Björn Borg want to inspire people to be more, through their belief that sports can make our mind, soul and body become something more than what we are today. And that anyone can become anything. Very much what I personally want to aspire and inspire to!⁠

We know that research has shown that our physical wellbeing has a direct impact on our mental wellbeing and performance.⁠

Every Friday at 11AM Björn Borg does Sports Hour together, a mandatory training session for all employees. And now it will be on my Instagram page as well! Free for you to join.

So, for the next twelve months I will post a new workout for you at 11AM.⁠ Stay tuned and join in on #bjornborgsportshour.”


Find new workouts weekly on Instagraml: