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Women's Socks

Stock up on sports socks, just as comfortable for sweaty workouts as for other occasions. At Björn Borg you will find several different styles of socks for women. Choose from classic ankle socks and functional gym socks for training. We have both longer socks and smart low socks that fit perfectly in your lower sneakers and canvas shoes.

The women's socks are sold both in single packs and in smart multipacks. Choose from different colors, prints and patterns or if you want classic plain black or white socks.




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Sports socks & gym socks for women

Here you will find durable socks with high quality and a perfect fit.

Our Performance ankle socks are extra good for training, with materials that breathe and ventilating microfiber.

Also discover the classic Core Crew Socks, perfect gym socks that sit where they should when you move a lot, without sliding down. Optimal both for workouts and for other occasions in your active everyday life.

Ankle socks for women

In our range of sports socks for women, you can find both plain ankle socks and patterned socks. Our women's ankle socks have a perfect fit thanks to the supple material and the ribbed elastic cuff at the top.

If you are looking for a pair of good low socks that are not visible in your shoes, a pair of low steps is the perfect option when you are wearing, for example, canvas shoes or low sneakers. Our Performance ankle socks for women are also really good training socks thanks to the materials with breathable microfiber of recycled polyamide and stretchy elastane that breathes.

White & black socks for women

Of course you will find classic white and black socks for women here at Björn Borg. Choose from both practical multipacks with black socks, as well as comfortable sports socks and white ankle socks for women.

Socks for women - for both everyday life and training

Black socks, white socks, colorful socks, or maybe a patterned pair. You will find all the options here at Björn Borg. We have socks for women, adapted for both everyday life and training. Choose between classic socks in multipacks, functional sports socks and simple ankle socks.

Practical multi-pack women's socks

At Björn Borg you can buy women's sports socks in both single packs and as practical multi-pack socks. choose from, for example, 2-pack, 3-pack and multipack with 5 pairs of women's socks. If you want to fill up the sock drawer a little more, we also have large packs of socks with 10 pairs.

Stock up on long and short socks for women. In our range you will find women's socks in high quality, both training socks and for everyday use. The soft and comfortable fit, plus the stylish design with Björn Borg logos as an extra detail, make the women's sports socks real favorites in the sock drawer.