High IQ® intelligent effects

The High IQ® performance assurance program from Archroma delivers the most innovative range of environmentally friendly, intelligent textile effects available on the market today.

One of these is the High IQ® Lasting Color ECO assurance program which contributes to vibrant, long-lasting colors with environmentally friendly production and improved productivity.

Powered by Archroma's innovative dye technologies and backed by decades of application know-how and superior technical support, it enables clothes to look new wash after wash. This innovative, environmentally friendly solution also consumes much less water and energy, and reduces GHG emissions.

Follow along and learn more about the technique and see examples of Björn Borg garments where it has been used.

Clothes that are made to last

Do you feel annoyed when the colors of your new clothes fade after just a few washes? We've probably all experienced that at some point and it is bad news for both our wallet and the environment. We all want to keep the look and feel of a new garment for as long as possible. At Björn Borg, this is possible as we design and produce clothes that are made to last - with consistently high quality and stylish, timeless designs.

Award winning AVITERA® SE dyes

Clothes with High IQ® Lasting Color ECO technology have colors that stay new wash after wash. Strong, bright colors retain their intensity throughout the life of the garment while dark colors stay dark even after repeated washings. This is made possible thanks to the award winning AVITERA® SE dyes.

High IQ® is a performance assurance program from Archroma Textile Effects, the world’s leading textile dyes and chemicals company. Through their cutting-edge technology and expert technical advice, High IQ® delivers the most innovative range of eco-friendly intelligent textile effects available in the market today.

Water-saving technologies

The dyeing process for garments requires large amounts of water and water-saving technologies are one of our major focuses. With High IQ® Lasting Color ECO, we have a clear example of where water savings is a reality. It also leads to a positive effect where less energy and chemicals are also required.

Powered by AVITERA® SE dyes, we have reduced our water consumption in the dyeing process with only 15-20* liters of water needed to dye 1 kg of material. With other products, the amount of water required can be twice as much.

More sustainable materials and techniques

Björn Borg are proud users of the High IQ® Lasting Color ECO technology. We are always working to find more sustainable materials and techniques, ones that help reduce both our carbon footprint and water consumption.

If you take a closer look at our popular Centre collection, you can see examples of products in these colorways where the High IQ® Lasting Color ECO technology has been used.

Tips and washing advice for your High IQ garments

Why not create a complete outfit powered by High IQ Lasting Color ECO with sweatpants, a t-shirt and a wonderfully soft hoodie or sweatshirt? An athleisure outfit that is suitable for both training and everyday life including a session at the gym and for lounging on the sofa.

Here are some practical tips and advice on how to wash and care for your High IQ garments:

  • Wash the clothes at 40°

  • Tumble dry on low heat, alternatively let the garments hang to dry

  • If the garment needs to be ironed, do it on low heat

  • Do not dry clean

Here you can get even more smart washing advice.

Advantages that are as clear as the colors

  • High IQ® Lasting Color ECO is the world's leading color retention program

  • Colors that stay and don’t fade away

  • Bright shades retain their intensity during the lifetime of the garment

  • Dark shades stay dark, looking newer for longer

  • Longer lasting performance, wash after wash

  • AVITERA® SE reactive dyes produce reduced environmental footprint by using 50% less water and energy in processes

AVITERA® SE dyes are unique and combine the highest standards of sustainability with top quality results.

These award winning dyes significantly reduce water and energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions during the dyeing and washing process. Temperatures never exceed 60°C and the number of rinsing baths is greatly reduced, which means that with AVITERA® SE technology you save more than 50% water, energy and time. The reduced water consumption in the dyeing process means that only 15-20* liters of water are needed to dye 1 kg of material. For other techniques, the amount of water can be up to twice as much.

AVITERA® SE is also the first reactive series of dyes free of para-chloro-aniline (PCA).

Read more about High IQ and Archroma Textile Effects.

*results will vary according to the machine used for dyeing

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