2022 / 09 / 27

Underwear Guide

The questions can be many when it comes to men's underwear but don't worry, we have the answers.

How do you choose the right men's underwear? Boxer, trunks, or briefs? What is my size?

In this guide, we take you through the following:

Underwear models: Boxers, Trunks and Briefs.

Our Styles

Are you looking for a pair of underpants with a luxurious feel? Then you should take a closer look at Premium Cotton Stretch, comfortable underpants in long-fibre organic cotton, with flexible stretch and a perfect fit.

Premium Cotton Stretch vs. Cotton Stretch

What is the difference between the Cotton Stretch and Premium Cotton Stretch models?

Cotton Stretch is a classic and comfortable everyday favorite in a mix of cotton and stretchy elastane, topped with a microfiber elastic, designed with iconic Björn Borg prints all around the elastic band. Cotton Stretch is available in all underwear styles, while the Premium Cotton Stretch option is available in boxers.

If you want more exclusive underpants with a more luxurious feel, then Premium Cotton Stretch is the ultimate choice. With its extra soft, long-fibre organic cotton and stylish premium design, it is an underpants choice for those who want that little something extra. The design of the elastic band with a simple but effective Björn Borg logo is another detail that contributes to a clean look.

Premium Cotton Stretch is available in a boxer model, with a medium waist and medium legs. This means that the cut of boxers in Cotton Stretch and Premium is the same. Something that differentiates the models, however, is that Premium Cotton Stretch also has a reinforced crotch, which gives the underpants a longer lifespan.

Cotton Stretch is a comfortable companion in your underwear drawer. They are underpants with a perfect fit, made of quality cotton and stretchy elastane and with a soft microfiber elastic. The material breathes and is also sustainably sourced.

When you train, nothing should stand in your way. High comfort is of the utmost importance, both when it comes to training clothes and your underwear. That's why we've developed Performance Boxers, underpants with a close fit with soft stretchy elastic, smooth seams and breathable material.

Lyocell is a wonderfully soft material made from sustainably produced wood pulp. The silky Lyocell material is both soft and cool, making the underwear incredibly comfortable to wear.

Underwear Materials

Underwear materials have the biggest impact on longevity, quality and comfort of your underwear. As such, it is important to take a closer look.


Elastane is a stretchable fiber made from plastic. It is a material that is often added in small amounts to underwear, to add stretch and elasticity that lasts a long time.


Polyester is a synthetic fiber that dries quickly and is very durable. Therefore, it is a common material to use in functional garments such as sports bras and training underwear, as it is both moisture-repellent and highly breathable. Our Performance underpants are also made from recycled polyester.

Washing instructions for your Björn Borg underwear.

Below you can find some quick tips on how to wash your underpants and underwear in the best way so that they remain fresh and retain their perfect fit for a very long time.

• Björn Borg underpants are washed at 30-40 degrees depending on material and model. You can wash our performance underwear at 30 degrees.

• It’s a good idea to use a laundry bag when washing underwear, to protect them a little extra.

• If your washing machine has a special program for underwear, feel free to use it for a gentle and customized wash.

• Tumble underwear on low heat or air dry them to maintain the fit.

• Avoid fabric softener as it can wear out the shape of the underwear, as well as reduce their breathability. Many underwear are made with microfiber fabrics, fibers that are adversely affected by fabric softeners.

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