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Winter running clothes

What should I wear when I exercise and run outside in the winter? A question that many have certainly asked themselves during the fall and winter when the temperatures have dropped but you want to continue to workout outside. It is of course important that you don't freeze and get too cold. You can get stiff in your body and muscles which can lead to injuries, but you also don't want to get too hot, sweaty and uncomfortable.

There are lots of workout clothes that are suitable for winter, everything from warming winter tights for running, practical mid-layers, running jackets and vests, to comfortable beanies. At Björn Borg, we guide you in the right direction and give you tips along the way so that your outdoor training and running in the winter will be both pleasant, efficient and fun.

Winter tights for running

Don't let the winter cold stop your running workouts, invest in a pair of nice warming winter tights for women. These tights are specially designed to keep you warm and comfortable when the temperature drops.

Winter running clothes

Women's winter running tights

Keep up your running even as the winter months approach and the temperature drops. A pair of comfortable winter tights for men is your best friend when you are faced with cold, wind and maybe even a little snow during your runs.

Winter running clothes

Winter running tights for men

Sportswear for winter

Here at Björn Borg you will find a wide range of workout clothes adapted for cooler autumn and winter.

Find inspiration for outdoor training with everything from winter tights and mid-layers, to running jackets and warming beanies. Here are some tips from us when it comes to sportswear for winter:

  • Don't dress too warm - you will be warm after a few minutes of running or training

  • It's a good idea to wear clothes that protect against wind

  • Think layer upon layer so that you can maintain the right temperature and be able to easily take off or put on more garments if needed

  • Wear clothes that both keep you warm enough but also breathe

  • Workout underwear, sports panties such as hipsters and thong style sports underwear wick away moisture and keep you dry

  • If you workout in sweatpants, take a pair of long johns underneath, it's nice when it's extra cold outside

Stylish & practical midlayers

Mid layers for women offer both comfort and functionality during running, crisp autumn and winter walks, training sessions and other outdoor activities.

Winter running clothes

Midlayers for women

Our men's midlayers give you both functionality, comfort and stylish style. When the temperatures drop, a midlayer sweater is a perfect garment to wear under the windbreaker.

Winter running clothes

Midlayers for men

Winter running clothes

Running jackets & running vests for autumn & winter

10 tips for winter running

Crisp, cold air, maybe snow crunching underfoot. Winter running can be a great experience, especially if you are prepared by warming up thoroughly and of course wearing the right sports clothes for the cold. Here are 10 tips to make your winter run rewarding and enjoyable.

1. Dress correctly: Appropriately warm clothing is the key to maintaining a good temperature without overheating. Remember that you will quickly warm up if you exercise or run, so you will not freeze for so long. Use the layer-on-layer principle so you can take off or put on extra clothes as needed. The material of the workout clothes should be moisture wicking to keep you dry. It is also good to think about when it comes to underwear. Here you will find both men's workout underwear and sports underwear for women.

2. Hat and gloves: A warm beanie and a pair of gloves are nice to keep warm, as a lot of heat can be lost through the head and hands.

3. The right shoes: Invest in running shoes that are suitable for winter conditions. They should be waterproof or at least water-repellent and provide good grip on snow and ice.

4. Use the right socks: Invest in moisture-wicking socks that help keep your feet warm and dry.

5. Use reflexes in the dark: As the days are shorter and the light is limited during the winter, it is extra important to be visible. Use reflectors and reflective clothing so motorists and others can see you.

6. Run with a friend: Having a running buddy with you during your winter run makes training even more fun, so you can cheer and push each other.

7. Adjust the pace according to the conditions: It may not be during the winter that you will break personal records in speed, at least not if the weather conditions are extra challenging. Ice and snow can make the surface uneven and slippery, so be careful and slow down if necessary.

8. Warm up properly: Warming up is even more important in cold weather. Take time to stretch and do some dynamic exercises before heading out for your run.

9. Drink water: Don't forget to drink water and bring some energy-giving snacks with you if you plan to run longer distances. Winter weather can be dehydrating despite the cold.

10. Recovery: After the run, take care of yourself by changing into dry clothes and taking a warm shower or bath.

Winter running can be a challenging but rewarding activity if you are well prepared. By following these tips, you can enjoy your running and outdoor exercise during the cold winter months.

Winter running clothes

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