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Train to live

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!

That's what we've been taught. But how come no one ever taught us why?

At Björn Borg, we love to train, not to become the world champions of anything, but to become the best versions of ourselves.

Because we don't live to train.

We train to live.

"I've always been a great advocate of routines and especially now, when every day seems to be the same, it helps me to have a regular everyday life. I like to wake up in the morning and / or do a yoga session in the evening to get my nerves to calm down and the mind. " @bynrobyn

"All these regulations over the past time had affected my training regime. Especially after the full lockdown in December, I lost some motivation to train. But I know that for me training is my life fuel, and since a few weeks, I'm regaining my strength to get out there again and start working out where there are still possibilities. It truly fills me up with life energy and happiness. Happy to be back in the saddle".


"Everyone knows how hectic my life is. On top of that I suffer from endometriosis, currently going through IVF treatment. Im often told that I come across as very strong and positive (which I am very grateful for) and people sometimes ask me how I have the capacity to do the amount of things that I do in my line of work and at the same time handle the psychological hardship that the IVF and circumstantial pain brings along. Well, first of all, the way I personally see it, don’t have any other choice. and second of all, quite honestly, I don’t always have the energy to stay positive and/ or be strong. Sometimes I just wanna eat chocolate in my bed and cry my eyes out. Or why not drink wine with my girls and moan about how much everything sucks.

And that’s all perfectly fine. But I can seriously say that working out and meditating, are two things that make me capable of handling everything so much easier. I feel so much better and more in balance and high on life after a work out and sometimes I feel its better than all the therapy in the world".


"I work out because it makes me feel amazing, it clears my thoughts and makes me focus better, that is why I train to live".


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