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Sports Club Launch Event with Julian Hernandez

Together with Julian Hernandez, we held a great launch event for our new Sports Club collection.

All guests gathered at Studio XVI in Stockholm where Julian showed off garments from the collection. Then everybody put on their workout clothes to do a sweaty workout together.

Sports Club Collection

The Sports Club collection breathes retro-inspired perfection and consists of best-selling fits, creative graphics and colors.

40 sec on 20 sec off x 4

⁃ Kick on mits

⁃ Wall sit with ball between knees

- Slamballs from the knees

⁃ Battle rope

- Sled

⁃ Box jump with sprawl

- "Knee on Nelly" 10 quick hits on mits, switch legs

⁃ Assault Bike

- Straight punches against mits

- Fast step up

- Throw medicine ball over shoulder


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