Kids' T-shirts

At Björn Borg you will find T-shirts for kids of different ages, in lots of nice colors and with stylish prints. We have children's sports T-shirts that fit both boys and girls, and which can be used both during training and sports lessons, as well as for other occasions in the children's active everyday life.




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Nice sports T-shirts for kids

The T-shirt is a given garment in all wardrobes and a garment you use often. It is important that they have high quality, are durable, and of course that they are both comfortable and stylish.

Are you looking for sporty children's T-shirts that are suitable for sports lessons and training? Then you've come to the right place! At Björn Borg you will find lots of comfortable and stylish functional shirts for children, with high quality and stylish design.

When you are looking for a functional T-shirt for children, it is important to look at the materials, so that quality and function are at their best. Our training T-shirts have carefully selected materials suitable for sportswear, with high breathability and quick drying.

The children get maximum freedom of movement thanks to flexible materials and extra panels under the arms. The slightly longer model provides better coverage, even when doing overhead exercises. We want you to get an optimal feeling and experience in training T-shirts that are suitable for everything from sweaty sports lessons and training, to playtime and activities.

Many of the materials in our sports T-shirts for kids are also recycled, in this case in the form of recycled polyester.

Stylish T-shirts for juniors

At Björn Borg you will find nice and stylish T-shirts for juniors as our sizes go up to 170. Choose from both cotton variants and sporty training T-shirts in several different colours.

The design is clean and classic, with both basic colors such as gray and black T-shirts, and colorful options. The style and fit are relaxed and, of course, offer maximum freedom of movement so that you can go all in on all activities and training sessions.

Children's T-shirts for all occasions

A Björn Borg T-shirt is of course suitable for all training and activity but is also useful at school and in leisure time together with, for example, a pair of regular trousers or jeans.

You can easily create a sporty look with a stylish children's T-shirt and a pair of matching training shorts or sweatpants. Choose for yourself if you want to have the top and bottom in the same color or if you want to play around with colors - mix and match and let your imagination run wild!

Here you will find short-sleeved shirts for all children and of course our T-shirts are suitable for boys and girls. We have both classic T-shirts in soft cotton and functional training T-shirts for children.

Matching t-shirts for kids and adults

In our assortment you will find plenty of possibilities for matching clothes for children and adults, both when it comes to tops and bottoms. An example is our Borg T-shirt, which is available for both kids, women and men, a fun and easy way to match together the whole family.

Check out our Mini me collection to find more examples of how you can match clothes for kids and adults.