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This is Björn Borg

“Everyone is born unknown. Some become legends for the century. But only a few get to live as one”. Our products are just as long-lasting as the memory of the tennis legend Björn Borg's deeds, as breathtaking as his play and as eye-catching as his records. Here’s our story.

1956 / The Birth of a star

Björn Borg sees the light of the world, in Södertälje south of Stockholm

He was named Björn and would later affectionately be known as the Ice Man. Björn Borg entered the conservative tennis court and changed it to a colourful scene. When he first played at Wimbledon in 1973, his ice-cold countenance and flowing blond hair created as much attention as the five consecutive titles he subsequently won between 1976 and 1980.

1984 / Björn Borg Collection

To win big, you must dare to lose bigger

In the name of the legend, The Björn Borg Collection was founded with Rohdi Heintz as the lead designer. They started off with sports apparel, but with their daring attitude came great ideas; after a few the company took a brave step into the underwear world.

1989 / In a time before underwear

‘The Perfect Fit’ became an international phenomenon as we expanded into new markets

The time had come to grow and glow abroad, exporting the Swedish underwear to Denmark, Norway, Australia, the Netherlands and Belgium, booming with its brilliancy.

1993 / International fame

The underwear is dead. Long live the underwear. How we killed the Y front fashion.

At the time underwear was not considered much more than a protective piece of garment and Y front briefs were the ruling trend amongst men. Based on the belief that it was time for a change, designer Anders Arnborger went on a search for the perfect boxers. He developed a bold and brilliant underwear concept. With its 17 pieces, stitched together with flat lock seams to create the ultimate fit, The Björn Borg Classic Shorts 3201 is the most iconic model to date. Even though they were packaged in smart boxes, no re-seller wanted to put buy; the model was too groundbreaking at the time. But giving up is not the Björn Borg style and our stamina gave results. The boxers boomed and changed the history of men’s underwear.

2004 / Printed Underwear

Explosive prints and vibrant patterns become the trademark of our designs

The design team in Stockholm got completely free hands to experiment with prints and patterns, creating collections that blew people’s minds and pioneered the way underwear looked, perfectly aligned with the sagging trend of wearing your jeans significantly below the waist, revealing your true colour.

2014 / Back to our roots

The no. 1 Sports Fashion Brand for the Active and Attractive

This year we got back to our roots. The design of our sports apparel was brought back to Stockholm after some good years in Holland and our journey towards becoming the No. 1 Sports Fashion brand for the Active and Attractive started.


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