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You’re a sustainable baddie, for sure. If you’re into good quality and classic timeless cuts that never go out of style and season, then Centre is the perfect match for you.




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We’ve been perfecting underwear for over thirty years.

This is the sum of all our efforts. These are the best underwear you’re ever going to wear.


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Because ultimately, the best we can be is ourselves. Be proud. Be you.

Tips on how to wash your Björn Borgs

Doing laundry uses a lot of energy and produces tons of greenhouse gases every year.

The higher the temperature, the more by-products are released into the earth's atmosphere.

Marbella, spain

Björn Borg on tour

We brought our Björn Borg Tribe along to Marbella for three days full of memorable moments, wonderful workouts and some much needed recharging in the Marbella sun.

New season, new you

We inspire people to be more through our belief that sports can make our minds, souls and bodies become something more than what they are today, and that anyone can become anything.