Bolsas de Ténis y Pádel

En Björn Borg, comprendemos la importancia de contar con el equipo adecuado cuando se trata de tenis y pádel. Por lo tanto, para nosotros es fundamental ofrecer las bolsas que necesitas para llevar tus raquetas y pelotas de un lado a otro de la cancha. Nuestras bolsas de tenis y pádel son tanto elegantes como prácticas. ¡Descúbrelas ahora!




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Padel bags and tennis bags for you

Our stylish padel bags and tennis bags are available in different colors and sizes with room for one or more rackets. In addition, there is a smart outer pocket with space for balls and other accessories. The adjustable shoulder strap allows you to adjust the bag so that it fits you perfectly.

With a stylish and practical tennis bag, you store your rackets, protected and ready to take out of the bag when it's time for a match. Here at Björn Borg you will find slim cases for your tennis racket, with a practical shoulder strap so that the bag is easy and convenient to throw over your shoulder and carry with you.

Complete the look with our tennis and padel bags

Our bags have a stylish and timeless design that completes your tennis look. Explore our wide selection of sportswear to find the style for the court. Match your bag with a stylish tennis outfit from our tennis and padel collection. Our tennis clothing is designed with high-quality materials and attention to detail, to ensure both comfort and style on the court.

To top off your look, don't forget to add a stylish cap and a pair of trendy sneakers. With the right accessories, you'll feel confident and ready for any game.