Stylish, comfortable & functional running clothes

Whether you're an experienced runner or a beginner, you'll appreciate the many benefits our running clothes has to offer. Every detail, from the choice of materials to the fit and design, is carefully thought out to give you the ultimate experience for running as well as for any other training session.

Follow along and find inspiration for your next run with stylish running clothes for both men and women. You will of course also find smart accessories that put the finishing touches on your running look.

Running clothes for men & women

Running clothes for men

Among Björn Borg's running clothes for men, you will find everything from sports pants, running tights and sporty t-shirts to long-sleeved shirts, windbreakers and accessories such as running beanies, caps and running bags - we have everything you need to give you an extra boost for your running sessions.

Running tights for men

With Björn Borg's running clothes, you will experience complete freedom of movement when you run. Our men's running tights are no exception. With supple, soft material with a perfect fit and stretch, you can feel confident and focus fully on your run.

Running shirts for men

Our collections also include long-sleeved running shirts and training t-shirts for men - made from breathable materials, which give you optimal ventilation and help regulate your body temperature - perfect for both sweaty workouts in the gym and long runs outside.

Women's running clothes

Run in style in Björn Borg's women's running clothing. Whether you are an experienced runner or just starting your running journey, our range will take your running training to a whole new level. Here you will find everything from comfortable running tights, sports pants and windbreakers, to sports bras, tops and training t-shirts.

Our women's running clothing comes in a wide range of colors and styles. Complete your running outfit with our accessories, such as running beanies, caps and running bags, to really put the finishing touches on your training look.

Sports tops and running tops for women

We have carefully selected durable materials that last a long time and give you the comfort and flexibility you need for all your training sessions and runs.

Among our tops and sweaters, you will find sports tank tops, functional t-shirts and long-sleeved running shirts. As a first layer, it is important to start with a sports bra with good support, especially important when you are going to perform training where you move a lot, such as when you are going out for a run.

Running tights for women

Our running clothing is designed to give you complete freedom of movement when you run, so you can focus on achieving your goals without feeling restricted.

A pair of really comfortable and stylish tights will help you on your way. Our women's running tights have a comfortable, flexible fit and stylish design that will enhance all your training outfits. Choose from both classic black sports tights and styles in bright colours.

Running caps, running beanies and running bags

In addition to clothing for running, you will also find practical accessories suitable for running in our range. What about stylish caps and running beanies, for example? - Perfect when you want to protect your head from the sun and to keep a nice temperature.

A running bag is also practical to have with you when you go out for a run, with our waist bags and running belts you can fit belongings such as mobile phone and keys, so that you have your hands free when you run.

Running clothes for all weathers and seasons

Björn Borg offers running clothes for all weathers and seasons.

We have both running clothes for autumn and winter, and clothes that are suitable for the warmer spring and summer. Whether you prefer a run on a chilly autumn or winter day or a sweaty jog in the summer sun, we have the right clothes for you. A layer-on-layer mindset is a good idea when it's colder, while thin shorts, t-shirts and airy tank tops are preferred on warm days.

Running clothes for winter and fall

Running clothes for spring and summer


Functional running clothes with a stylish design

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing running clothing is the fit and the breathability of the materials. We use, among other things, recycled polyester and recycled polyamide in many of our training clothes – materials that are both quick-drying and highly breathable, which is important both for intense gym sessions and when you go out for a run.

With stylish design, durable materials adapted to training and movement, as well as a perfect fit, you can be sure that you feel both comfortable and stylish and can perform at your peak. Make every run a chance to show off your style and set new personal bests.

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