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Stylish, comfortable & functional running clothes

Whether you're an experienced runner or a beginner, you'll appreciate the many benefits our running clothes has to offer. Every detail, from the choice of materials to the fit and design, is carefully thought out to give you the ultimate experience for running as well as for any other training session.

Follow along and find inspiration for your next run with stylish running clothes for both men and women. You will of course also find smart accessories that put the finishing touches on your running look.

Running clothes for men & women

Running clothes for men

Running tights for men

Running shirts for men

Women's running clothes

Sports tops and running tops for women

Running tights for women

Running caps, running beanies and running bags

Running clothes for all weathers and seasons

Björn Borg offers running clothes for all weathers and seasons.

We have both running clothes for autumn and winter, and clothes that are suitable for the warmer spring and summer. Whether you prefer a run on a chilly autumn or winter day or a sweaty jog in the summer sun, we have the right clothes for you. A layer-on-layer mindset is a good idea when it's colder, while thin shorts, t-shirts and airy tank tops are preferred on warm days.

You can also get more inspiration here when it comes to, yoga clothes, matching sweatsuits and stylish gym sets for women, men and kids.

Running clothes for winter and fall

Running clothes for spring and summer


Functional running clothes with a stylish design

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