Environmental Labelling Obligation

EN: Please review the following Björn Borg products to find information about the packaging composition in accordance with Decision 129/97/EC.

IT: Per favore, esamina i seguenti prodotti Björn Borg per trovare informazioni sulla composizione dell'imballaggio in conformità con la Decisione 129/97/CE.

Product Categories and Sorting Instructions

For products packaged in Underwear Boxes, customers are instructed to separate paper and plastic materials. Specific sorting instructions are provided for each material, including plastic polybags.

For sports apparel hangtags or riders, customers should separate paper and plastic materials, including plastic polybags.

All our polybags are made of plastic


This comprehensive guide ensures that customers can easily understand and follow the necessary sorting and recycling instructions based on the specific product category they have purchased. It also provides valuable information about the materials used in the packaging contributing to environmentally responsible disposal and recycling practices