Our Products


Our products are always developed with sustainability in mind. We are constantly making sure that we are up to speed with the latest sustainable materials and production techniques.

To make our products as long-lasting as possible, our sustainability team makes rigorous quality controls, checking for pilling, shrinkage, and colour bleeding. We also test how our products behave in real life and have independent inspection firms visiting our factories during and after production, securing high-quality standards for sewing and fit, and making sure that no banned chemicals are used.

All our sustainable products are marked with the green B. Tomorrow logo, and the share of sustainable products is constantly increasing.

Apart from the B. Tomorrow logo, you will occasionally find two other symbols on our B. Tomorrow products. These are used to clarify why that product made it to the B.Tomorrow range. Is it because it is made from a sustainable material or that it was produced through a sustainable process? Or both?



When you see this symbol, at least 70% of the material for the product is sustainably sourced. We consider a material sustainable when it is made from renewable sources and/or a sustainable process and is grown and produced with methods that have a less negative impact on the Earth compared with conventional alternatives.

You can find detailed information about our different sustainably sourced materials on this website 




A product marked with this symbol indicated that 100% of the shell fabric (in the surface) is printed and/or dyed with methods that use significantly less water and/ or chemicals compared to conventional alternatives. It can be through a special technology, or simply through not dyeing the product.