Kids' Sportswear

Here at Björn Borg you will find plenty of comfortable and functional sports clothes for children, with high quality and stylish design. Compliant, soft garments with great freedom of movement make our kids’ sportswear perfect for sports lessons and training, as well as for other occasions in children's active everyday life. Choose from everything from sweatpants and training shorts to comfortable sports t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies for kids.


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In our collection of sportswear for children, you will find complete outfits and looks for both training and everyday life. The soft and comfortable garments quickly become favorites in the wardrobe and are easy to pair both with each other and with other garments such as a pair of jeans or chinos.

Björn Borg's children's clothing has a stylish design and high quality, with carefully selected materials and stylish details that raise the style to the maximum. Choose from everything from t-shirts and shorts, to hoodies, sweatshirts and comfortable sweatpants. Of course, you will also find children's underwear in our range. Discover our comfortable underwear for girls and underpants for boys. Fill the children's wardrobe with the clothes needed for school, everyday life and training.

In Björn Borg's range of workout clothes for children, you will find both children's clothes in basic colors and gym sets in strong, colorful shades.

Choose from colors such as blue and green, wear them as a matching set in the same color or mix and match with each other.

Create a stylish workout set of sportswear for children with the help of our comfortable and stylish t-shirts, shorts, jogging pants and matching hoodies and sweatshirts.

In our collection of sports clothes for children, you will find complete outfits and looks for both training and everyday life. The soft and comfortable garments quickly become favorites in the wardrobe and are easy to pair both with each other and with other garments such as a pair of jeans or chinos.

For sports lessons and training, you can match and wear a set of sports t-shirt and training shorts for children, choose to wear the top and bottom in the same color or to mix two different ones. Let the playfulness flow and let the children decide. We have a variety of color choices, ranging from colorful children's clothing in, for example, blue and green, to basic colors such as black and gray.

When it comes to children's sportswear, we also have a range of kids’ training underwear. The underpants are called Performance and are specially designed for sports and activity, with smooth seams and moisture-repellent material.

Of course, you will also find nice children's hoodies, sweatshirts, and sweatpants for children in our range. Classic, stylish design with impactful prints make these garments obvious choices in the wardrobe for both boys and girls.

Our children's hoodies come in a range of colours, with key details such as a kangaroo pocket, soft brushed fleece on the inside, and drawstrings to help ensure a perfect fit.

A sweatshirt for kids is another garment that you can easily and stylishly pair with matching sweatpants as well as with a pair of regular trousers or jeans. The stylish prints and material mix of cotton and recycled polyester make the long-sleeved children's sweaters a real hit.

You can never go wrong with a pair of nice sweatpants. Our sweatpants for children and juniors are one such favorite garment that is used extensively when it comes to gym classes and training, but the pants are also just as useful for relaxing days at home on the couch.

A practical school bag or training bag and a pair of nice, stylish sneakers for children completes the style on your sporty look.

The design of the children's training clothes, as well as the women's and men's range, is stylish and classic, with carefully selected functional materials and impactful details. The clothes are perfect for training and activity, but are also suitable for everyday use, both together as a complete set or matched with the children's other everyday clothes.

Choose from both colorful sportswear and options in basic colors like black and gray – there's something for everyone. Of course, iconic Björn Borg logos, prints and fine details elevate the garments to the next level.

Björn Borg products are designed and produced to last a long time, this of course also applies to our stylish training clothes for children. Functionality, comfort, fit and durable materials are some important attributes that are consistent in our shorts, t-shirts, training pants and training shirts for children. The materials in our children's sportswear are also often recycled.

At Björn Borg you will find a large assortment of stylish sports clothing for kids of different ages. With high quality, stylish design, and lots of different color choices, it's easy to find comfortable sportswear for everyone. Our sports clothes for children and juniors are available in sizes from 122-128 up to 170. That also makes it easy and fun to do matching sibling outfits with brothers and sisters.

Here you will find everything you need when it comes to kids’ sportswear, everything from t-shirts and shorts to long-sleeved pants and sweaters for outdoor training and other activities.

Is it time for a school trip to the swimming pool? Or perhaps a holiday abroad or summer vacation at the beach or by the pool? Björn Borg offers comfortable and stylish swimming trunks for children, in several different models and colors.