Kids' Underwear

Stock up on the perfect underwear for boys and girls. Our underwear for kids has a flexible fit, with good stretch and material in soft cotton.

In our range you will also find children's underwear for training and activity, called Performance Boxer, with smooth seams and stretchy elastic, made from recycled polyester.

We have both plain and patterned underwear for kids, in practical multipacks with a mix of patterned and plain. Discover our selection of girls boxers and boys underwear.


89.95 CAD

Our underwear for kids have a supple fit in soft, stretch cotton.

Our range also offers kids’ underwear for sports and activities, our Performance Boxers, with smooth seams and stretch elastic.

We have both solid color and patterned underpants for kids. You don’t need to pick just one option either,

as we have multipacks with both options in the same pack - perfect, right?