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Sports Bra Guide

Looking for a sports bra?

This type of bra has a specific function, and that is to give you a feeling of comfort during exercise.

In this guide you can find tips on how to choose the right sports bra, according to the level of impact of the sport you decide to take on. Following by some tips on how to wash and care for all our sports bra range and a size guide.

Tips for getting the perfect fit

How to choose the perfect sports bra?

To exercise, it is important to choose the right level of support. Our sports bras are constructed for all types of women and sporting activities. Follow these steps to find the perfect sports bra for you.

How to get the right size on your sports bra?

All you need is a non-rigid tape measure and a mirror. Measure yourself as close to the skin as possible and without a bra. Choose between centimetres and inches, and follow these two simple steps before checking your size on the chart below.

  1. Measure your circumference: wrap the tape measure around your body just below your bust and exhale to get the smallest measurement.

  2. Measure your cup: firmly encircle the fullest part of your chest with the tape measure.

Choose the right bra for you

Now that you know your bra size, and important thing to considered is how much support you need. You should select your bra taking into account your cup size and the intensity of the sport you want to do. As a general rule, the larger your cup size, the more support you should get. High-intensity sports such as running or circuit training also require a higher level of support, even for smaller cup sizes. Basically you have to find the bra that suits you best.

Level of Support

For low-impact activities such as yoga or walking that involve less intense movements

Sports bra guide

Low Support

For medium-impact activities such as dancing, skiing or cycling

Sports bra guide

Medium Support

For high-impact activities such as running, aerobics and mountain biking.

Sports bra guide

High Support

Sports Bra care & Wash tips

Generic tips for washing to extend the life our your Sports bra.

  • Wash in delicate programs and with cold water (30 degrees Celsius).

  • Do not dry clean.

  • Do not use softeners or abrasive products (such as bleach), always use neutral detergents.

  • It is recommended to wash bras or tops separately, or use bags or netting for delicate garments so that they are separated from the rest during the wash cycle.

  • Never tumble dry.

  • Do not iron bras.

Choose your size

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