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Layer on layer – Dress smart for outdoor exercise

Here we guide you through the season's garments and how to best match them to get a complete look for both hard training sessions and other outdoor activities.

Walks in the autumn cold, a barbecue evening in the forest, and of course sweaty training sessions and long runs in the crisp air. Fall is here but don't worry, we've got everything you need to stay warm outside even when the temperature drops.

Training clothes for activities and running outside in autumn

The base layer - Men

A pair of flexible, comfortable and warm tights makes running on a chilly autumn morning an even better experience. The material in recycled polyester and elastane is both stretchy and keeps you warm. In addition to the tights' comfortable fit and effect, they also have a mobile phone pocket with a zipper as an extra smart detail. Underneath the tights you wear a pair of Performance Boxers, flexible underpants developed for training in, with Hydro Pro to keep you dry.

Put on an airy and thin men's t-shirt in quick-drying material made from coffee grounds and PET bottles, no you didn't read wrong, that's actually true. With the help of S.Café® technology, it is possible. Good for both the environment and you.

If you are a person who easily gets frozen and cold around the arms, a long-sleeved t-shirt in quick-drying material is instead , an excellent choice as a first layer.

The base layer - Women

For women, a sports bra with the right support is an important part of the workout look, whether you're indoors or outdoors. A good support that does not compromise freedom of movement and comfort, helps you push harder and reduces the risk of injury.

Also on the women's side, of course, we have a pair of warming winter tights in heat-brushed material to maintain a perfect temperature. Stylish model with a comfortable high waist and practical details such as hidden zips and mobile phone pocket.

Over your sports bra, you can choose a soft rib tank or why not a slim t-shirt with a close fit in a quick-drying material.

For the frozen, we of course also have long-sleeved first layer t-shirts in our range for women. Close fit with a soft, lightly brushed inside.

The middle layer - Men

Now we come to a mid layer for men. Over your t-shirt is a Borg Midlayer Half Zip with a high collar and longer sleeves with thumbholes, a strong choice. If you want a slightly looser fit at the top, a hoodie or an oversized sweatshirt is also a safe bet.

If you've chosen a long-sleeved sweater as your first layer, our fleece vest is a great choice, especially when it hasn't gotten that cold yet. When the temperatures drop even more, a thin wind jacket is a brilliant option to have before the vest goes on.

The middle layer - Women

The next step on top of your training tank top or t-shirt can be a midlayer sweater, as the name suggests, it is a perfect midlayer for women with a higher collar and zipper to easily regulate the heat.

For you with a long-sleeved t-shirt as a first layer, a hoodie or a sweatshirt is a nice option on top when it's cold outside.

The outer layer - Men

Add a windbreaker to your running look to complete it. A thin wind jacket for training, in quick-drying, breathable material, with a mesh opening on the back that ventilates moisture. A practical opening on the arm for your watch is just one of several smart details that make it the perfect training jacket for outdoor training.

The fleece jacket is also a suitable choice of outerwear for outdoor training at the gym, running, walking, yes really at any time during an active everyday life. Smart pockets for mobile and other belongings are an appreciated detail. The fact that the jacket is also made from 100% recycled material is really the icing on the cake.

Extra cold days are a nice hat is the accessory you need to keep warm from head to toe.

The outer layer - Women

The last layer of your running outfit should preferably be a wind jacket. These thin jackets are made for training as they ventilate moisture and are quick drying, perfect for avoiding the cold. Our jackets are stylish, with smart functions and reflective prints as an extra detail. They are also equally suitable for everyday hanging out in the city and for a walk in the forest.

Another option that works both on the run and for a tough session at the outdoor gym is a fleece jacket. A warming jacket with a high collar and a longer waist, made of quick-drying, breathable material. Don't forget to also check out our Sthlm Fleece Hood, a cozy and warm fleece sweater in a hoodie model.

On extra cold days, a nice hat is really the finishing touch to keep you warm from head to toe

The layer on layer principle – ideal for outdoor activities in the autumn

Using the layer-on-layer thinking is ultimate when it comes to dressing smartly outside during autumn and winter. It is easy and convenient to be able to take off clothes if it gets too hot or put on an additional layer when the cold really hits. Of course you store your extra clothes and other necessities in a Björn Borg bag.

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