Björn Borg | Tennis season starts now

Tennis season starts now

With a strong passion and bold attitude, Björn Borg pushed boundaries and broke records. He turned tennis into a vibrant playground where sport and fashion meet.


Today we embrace our legacy by inspiring people to find their passion and to feel extraordinary regardless of sport, challenge or goal.


Our tennis collection delivers attention to every single detail and quality for your game on and off the court.


  1. Björn Borg | 2011-1101_00071_full_1.jpg
    TRISTA SKIRT Brilliant White
    Specialpris 349 kr Ordinarie pris 499 kr
  2. Björn Borg | 2011-1099_00071_full_1.jpg
    TESS DRESS Brilliant White
    Specialpris 419 kr Ordinarie pris 599 kr
  3. Björn Borg | 2011-1096_00071_full_1.jpg
    TALISE POLO Brilliant White
    Specialpris 244 kr Ordinarie pris 349 kr
  4. Björn Borg | 2011-1093_70011_full_1.jpg
    TABER SHORTS Peacoat
    Specialpris 349 kr Ordinarie pris 499 kr

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