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At the Heart of Our Heritage

The Puente Romano Tennis Club in Marbella boasts a rich history and a longstanding association with tennis legends. A pivotal figure in the club's early years was the legendary tennis icon Björn Borg.

Borg's ties with the Puente Romano Tennis Club strengthened significantly in 1980 when the club served as the venue for his wedding.

Although Björn Borg's direct involvement in managing the Puente Romano Tennis Club eventually concluded, his enduring legacy laid the groundwork for the club's esteemed status in the tennis realm.

We Know Tennis

Our brands is deeply rooted in the rich heritage of tennis. With our history as a strong base we've crafted a unique identity, effortlessly blending the worlds of sports and fashion. Each garment is designed to embody the essence of athleticism, but with a fashionable flair that transcends the boundaries of the tennis court. We bring you a timeless aesthetic that resonates with athletes and style enthusiasts alike.

Ace your padel game

Puente Romano is not only a Tennis haven, it also has a four state-of-the-art padel courts. This iconic venue has played host to some of the world's top international players, and even hosted the World Padel Tour.

Embrace both fashion and function, echoing the legacy of the racquet club, as each piece delivers comfort and durability. Ace your padel game with iconic. designs and quality craftsmanship.

Gear up

A polished and performance-ready look extends beyond just the racquet and apparel; Complete your Racquet Club look with bags, shoes, socks and performance underwear.

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