Björn Borg | Working out in a church

Working out in a church

Training makes you smarter. So does classical music. We used science to create a symphony that increases your performance, and we couldn’t wait long to try out our new favourite workout track and the benefits of it.

We invited some friends to join us in Church De Duif, Amsterdam, to boost our smartness together and celebrate the release of "Symphonia Exercitii et Intelligentia".

The world's smartest workout song is based on science:

1. Exercising boosts your intelligence.
2. Music can trick you into increasing your endurance by as much as 15 percent.
3. The best music tempo for enhanced aerobic performance is between 123-131 bpm.
4. In addition, research shows that there are added benefits within learning, with a very particular kind of music, classical.


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Trainer @ironfitnessNL

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DJ @arjunaschiks

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All images taken by @david.stegenga