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5 tips to get started with training

Do you want to start working out? Maybe as a beginner you want to begin training at the gym, or you have trained before and feel it is time to start again after a longer break. No matter what your conditions are, you have your mind set ready and you want to go!

Exercise has so many benefits for both your physical and mental health - moving and exercising strengthens both the body and makes you feel better and more alert.

Our goal is to inspire people to be more through our belief that sport can make our minds, souls and bodies become something more than what they are today, and that anyone can be anything. #traintolive

We want to help you find the motivation for training so that you can become the best version of yourself. Here are 5 effective tips on how you can get started with your training!

Tips for when you’re going to start training

1. Set clear goals - why do you want to start working out?

- Begin by thinking about why you want to start training, what are your training goals? Do you want to get in better shape, feel stronger, manage to run a distance in a certain time or perhaps lift x kilos in deadlifts? Everything becomes more concrete and easier to tackle if you set clear goals. Then you can measure your progress over time and become more motivated and inspired to reach where you want to be.

2. See training as a fun challenge

- A lot is about attitude when it comes to training. It's important that you don't see it as something anxious or difficult that you just have to do. It should be fun to train, it should be an exciting challenge and something that makes you feel good. Therefore, think about what type of training would feel the most fun and motivating for you.

3. Try different forms of exercise

- There are so many different types of exercise you can do, the number of forms of training is almost endless, and who says you have to choose just one? Try your hand at several types of training and get a fun variety in your workouts. Go to the gym and work out at home. Mix fitness and strength to get a good overall result. Start running, try strength training, swimming, or why not join a team that plays your favorite sport? Test different things and find the form or forms of exercise that suit you.

Here are some tips on training sessions you can do:

4. Bring a friend with you to go training

- Sometimes it can be difficult to find motivation to start training yourself, maybe you don't know what type of training to do, or other things get in the way and distract you. That's why it's perfect to train with a friend! Bring a friend to train with so you can push each other, help each other, and above all have fun together.

5. Maximize motivation with stylish training clothes

- Having comfortable and functional clothes during training is important so that you can get full freedom of movement and a pleasant feeling in garments that breathe when you sweat. In addition, it will be more fun to train in really stylish training clothes that make you feel at your best. Find both women's sports clothes and men's training clothes. Get inspiration and tips for stylish training looks below.


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