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Kettlebell exercises that train the whole body

Working out with kettlebells is incredibly effective and there is a great variety when it comes to exercises that you can do, which work different parts of the body.

Here, @karin_lundstrom demonstrates a challenging flow session with 8 kettlebell exercises that you can do in under an hour. You can do the workout at home as well as at the gym, the only thing you need is a kettlebell.

”Kettlebells are the perfect tool for training movements in a flow” – Karin Lundström

Warm up

Around the world


Mixed Flips

Power Swing

Full Swing

What is a kettlebell?

But what is a kettlebell? It is a training tool in the form of a weight in cast iron or steel, with a rough handle, which you can include in everything from yoga sessions to crossfit workouts.

It's a really good piece of equipment to have for workouts at home and will help you strengthen all muscles while you can also strengthen your core and improve your balance. How great is that?!

What weight of kettlebell should I choose?

When it comes to choosing the weight of your kettlebell, consider yourself and your strength level. Taking too heavy a weight can lead to injury, so instead start lower and gradually increase the weight of your kettlebell.

For these exercises, Karin recommends a weight of between 12-24 kg, but as mentioned above, start from the weight that feels good and challenging for you. The focus here is to maintain a good flow and form. If you are new to training with kettlebells, it can also be good to take a lighter weight when you learn to master the technique for the various exercises.

8 exercises with kettlebells

Warmed up and ready, time to start a challenging session of fun kettlebell exercises.

Do 6-13 reps per exercise and side and do the session 2 rounds with 1 minute rest between rounds.

Always start from yourself and adjust the weight and number of repetitions so that it feels good.

Single Arm Snatch R + L

Single Arm Over Head Squat R + L

Single Arm Clean and Jerk R + L

Single Arm Reverse Lunge R + L

Single Arm Thruster R + L

Standing Windmill R + L

Turkish Getups R + L

Kneeling Windmill R + L

Kettlebell exercises for all levels

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Wrap up

As you can see (and hopefully also feel, now after the session) is that the Kettlebell is a really good tool for training the whole body.

Exercising with kettlebells is effective, fun and easy to do both at the gym and at home. It is possible to vary and adapt kettlebell exercises according to both muscle groups and strength. We hope you enjoyed this workout!

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