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Ryan Hawaii x Björn Borg

We’ve teamed up with the London-born designer Ryan Hawaii for a limited edition underwear collection. His self described “art-meets-clothing” style blurs the lines between art and fashion.

"Björn Borg is known for its bold underwear prints. I am just trying to translate my art into a new medium, making them as fun and vibrant as possible to almost create a enviroment within the prints with different details that you notice over time."



 Where did you find the inspiration for your three prints?

The inspiration for the designs came from different places for each design, but still with the intent that my art style would tie the three together; the signature print was inspired by the colours of a large mural I have painted on my bedroom wall, the storm print was derived from these mysterious one eyed figures I consistently use throughout my work & the tennis print was my take on the rich tennis history behind the brand and putting my own spin on it.

I like all of my prints for different reasons, but I'd say my favourite is the tennis print. It was super interesting to interpret Björn Borg's history through my vision and see that abstraction come to life in the print.




What do you want people to feel when they first put on one of your prints?

I want them to at first appreiciate the colours and boldness of the whole thing but then notice the finer details within the designs, they are a special. A statement piece.


Describe your process – from sketch to final product? 

I started out, drawing out all my ideas on paper, then scanning them in actually doing each layer of the design the more traditional method of drawing it out, scanning, repeating and using a lightbox to make each subsequent layer, I prefer this way rather than using software as it gives me more freedom to adapt the design as I go.

Then we sent designs back and forth to the Björn Borg team, deliberating on colours and placements and making the drawings into effective prints, then from that point it was a matter of making it all work on a final product, it was very rewarding seeing the whole thing come together.




What was your experience like working with a Swedish sports brand like Björn Borg?

It was a new challenge for me, they are hands down the best at bold printed underwear so it felt like the perfect collaboration for me as my artwork is very busy and detail driven - it was great having access to their resources and overall standard of quality and to create a boxer short, to see it go from concept to physical product. Working with their design team was amazing.


Why Björn Borg?

The history, the fact that they are the best in the world at making underwear come to life with loud prints, they are willing to take risks where other brands have more restrictions. They gave me a huge amount of freedom whilst working on the designs, which was something that I really took to and ran with.



You normally create youth-driven, punky artwork and clothing – what makes this particular collaboration unique?

I think the contrast of the two worlds that we both respectively come from is what makes this unique, being from Catford in South East. London to working with a Swedish sportswear brand isn't something you see every day but the middle ground is really a passion for great art and freedom within creativity is what makes it work so well. To see my work on underwear is a new unique medium for my work and I think the results are astounding.



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