Women's Sports Bras

We want you to be able to feel your best when you exercise, and a good sports bra is a piece of clothing that should not be underestimated. Make sure you have a sports bra with the right kind of support when you push yourself to the max during your workout.

In our wide range you will find training bras with high quality and function, with stylish design and a perfect fit with the right support just for you.




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Choose a sports bra that fits your body

When it comes to sports bras, there are many different models to choose from that provide different amounts of support. What should you consider when choosing a sports bra?

Start from yourself, your body and what you think is comfortable and suitable for the type of training you do. Depending on your bust but also on the type of training you are going to perform, you may need different types of support on your bra. You may therefore need a sports bra with high support when you go out for a run, but one with low support during a calmer yoga session.

Below you will get some tips on which type of training bra is suitable for different activities. In our sports bra guide, you can also read more and get inspiration to find the best sports bra for you.

Low – A sports bra with lower support is an excellent choice for lower intensity exercise such as a relaxing yoga session, a walk, or for static strength training, simply exercise where you don't move as high-intensity and do well with less support.

Medium – As the name suggests, a training bra with medium support is suitable for medium-intensity training, for example dancing or cycling. With the straps in the back, you adjust the fit so that your sports bra fits well and gives you the right support.

High - A sports bra with high support is the perfect choice for high-intensity training where you move a lot, such as running, aerobics and other types of training with a lot of movement or jumping. A sports bra with extra support is also important if you have a larger bust, for the best possible support and comfort.

Material and fit are two important components when it comes to choosing training bras and sports tops.

Features such as stretchy elastic and padded shoulder straps ensure that the sports bra fits snugly and gives you comfortable comfort. Some of our training bras also have ventilating mesh on the back to give you a fresh feeling during sweaty sessions at the gym.

A training bra supports you during exercise so that you can go all in

Why should you use a sports bra? Well, they have the function of giving you support during all kinds of training sessions, so that you can train unhindered. When you move intensely, you need extra support so that it feels comfortable but also to avoid damage to both breast tissue and the back.

Sports bras are also made from quick-drying, breathable materials and are specifically designed for exercise, something regular bras are not.

Sports bras in different colors

Björn Borg sports bras are not only functional and supportive for training, they also come in an impressive range of colors to suit all tastes and styles. Our sports bras come in both basic colors like black and grey, and in strong, vibrant colors that stand out.

The basic colored sports bras give a timeless and classic look that is easy to match with different training clothes. These colors pair perfectly with both black and colorful gym leggings and shorts, giving you flexibility in creating a stylish workout outfit.

For those who love to stand out and add life to their workout clothes, Björn Borg also offers sports bras in strong and vibrant colors. Here you will find shades such as blue and green. These colors add an energetic touch to your training wardrobe and can be mixed and matched with sports tights, shorts, sweatpants and sweaters to create stylish gym sets and wear together with sweatsuits.

Find a stylish and good sports bra just for you

Here at Björn Borg you will find training bras and sports tops with high quality, perfect fit and a stylish design.

Choose from lots of colors, maybe you're looking for a classic black or white sports bra, or do you want to invest more in color? Either way, we've got the options for you right here. It's easy to create a matching gym set with a sports bra and sports tights or shorts in the same colour. In addition to several different color choices, we also have a variety when it comes to design and cut.

A v-shaped sports bra with light support and a nicely crossed back is perfect for the yoga session. Our popular seamless sports bras with a semi-covering back give you the perfect freedom of movement during exercise and are also perfect to match with a pair of seamless tights for a complete look. If you want a sports top with a high design factor, then a stylish one-shoulder sports bra is the right choice for you, with light support and comfortable, breathable mesh.

For those of you looking for a sports bra for larger breasts, take a closer look at our high support sports bra with padded cups and deep cut racer back for complete freedom of movement.