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Full body workout at home in 20 minutes

Work, school, laundry, cleaning, everyone can relate to the to-do list, it can be long and sometimes there just isn't enough time to go to the gym and work out. Don't worry, there are always a few minutes to spare to run a really effective workout at home.

You can vary between cardio and different strength exercises where you can use equipment such as kettlebells and dumbbells.

Of course, you can also train at home without equipment and do exercises where you train using your own body weight.

Together with @reloadwithelin we will guide you through such a session here. It will be an effective and fun 20 minute workout at home. We promise that it will feel so good afterwards when you have recharged with new energy and the endorphins are flowing. So take a break from the chores and start your home workout.

11 exercises that train the whole body

Are you ready to run a great session with simple and effective strength exercises at home?

Here we go through 11 exercises that train the whole body, the first two are warm-ups that get the body going and build up both muscle and strength. Here we go!

Warm up with cross jumps and high knees

Warm up done, great!

We continue by dividing the session into 3 different blocks, where we run each exercise for 30 seconds times 3 rounds. Rest 30 seconds between each block and then move on to the next one and do the same set up there, 30x3.

Block 1 - Walk outs, plank and X-plank

Block 2 - Superman hold, plank jacks and back extensions

Block 3 – Dead bug, heel touches and glute bridges

Block 1

Inchworm/Walk outs

Train endurance and core with the plank


Block 2

Superman hold

Plank jacks

Back extensions

Block 3

Dead bug

Train your obliques with heel touches

Glute bridge


Wrap up

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