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Women's Sneakers

A pair of stylish shoes can really enhance an entire look, so set the style with high-quality women's shoes, in a stylish design with well-thought-out, effective details and logos.

In our wide selection of women's shoes, you will find shoes for all occasions in an active everyday life, for training as well as for work, leisure and vacation. Choose from everything from comfortable sneakers and stylish boots, to wonderfully relaxed slippers for hanging out by the pool and beach.

In a pair of women's shoes from Björn Borg you will go far!




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Buy stylish sneakers for women

Here you will find a wide range of sneakers for women, choose from a range of different styles and colours. Black women's sneakers, white sneakers for women, or a pair of colorful shoes - there is something for everyone.

Are you looking for a pair of durable sneakers with a ribbed sole for a firm grip in all seasons, or maybe you need a pair of new, comfortable gym shoes for women? You can find it here at Björn Borg.

A pair of sporty, white sneakers for women is a real classic that goes well with sports clothes and comfortable sweatsuits, as well as with a pair of stylish jeans or trousers.

Low-top tennis shoes and canvas shoes are two more examples of sneaker styles that are recurring favorites in our shoe collection – just as perfect for a day on the town or at work, as for taking with you on vacations.

Modern chunky sneakers for women are the option for those who want a pair of shoes with a little something extra. Strong sole that provides a nice cushioning, lining in 100% recycled nylon, and of course stylish design details, make these shoes new favourites.

The design of our women's sneakers is stylish and classic, with well-thought-out details that raise the style to the max - it can be anything from stylish metallic details to iconic Björn Borg logos.

Stylish white sneakers for women

You can never go wrong with a pair of classic white sneakers, it's a shoe that never goes out of style, always just as relevant to create fresh looks with. It is easy to match these sneakers with several different outfits, everything from a nice casual style together with a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie, to the work look with suit pants and a jacket, and of course with sportswear for the session at the gym.

Björn Borgs white sneakers for women are available in several different materials, models and styles. Choose from shoes in a chunky model, classic white tennis shoes, or why not a pair of fresh white leather sneakers?

Nice gym shoes for ladies

If you are looking for comfortable gym shoes for ladies, you have come to the right place. With carefully selected, durable materials and a comfortable fit, you get high-quality women's sneakers - designed to last a long time.

Here you never have to choose between quality and stylish design, our stylish gym shoes for her have everything you are looking for. These are women's shoes that both look nice and are really comfortable to wear. Here you will find sneakers and gym shoes for women - made for all occasions in an active everyday life.

Women's sneakers for training and leisure

A pair of Björn Borg sneakers is suitable for both training and leisure - so whether you're going to work out at the gym or take a walk around town, we have the shoes for you. We offer women's sneakers that you can easily and stylishly match with both everyday clothes and a sporty workout outfit.

Build a smart and practical shoe wardrobe with versatile sneakers that are suitable for several different occasions.

Take care of your sneakers

When you purchase a new pair of shoes, there are lots of smart tips to clean, protect and take care of the shoes in the best way.

Keep your white women's sneakers white for longer by protecting them with impregnation spray from the start and investing in good cleaning products such as shoe shampoo to care for them throughout their lifespan.

Are you looking for more inspiration when it comes to shoes or want more tips on how to take care of your sneakers - check out our shoe guide.