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Interview with Mija Nideborn - Product & Sustainability Dir.

What is sustainability for you?

A sustainable approach to what we consume. Prioritise quality, products with a long lifetime and recycling/reuse to consume less. Go to the tailor and redo something that doesn't fit anymore or that you are tired of. Even if it costs a bit more, it will give double pleasure in that not only do you do Mother Earth a favour – you also got a relationship with that tailor that you always passed by and wished you had a reason to go to.

What are you most proud of? (sustainability achievement)

​It is a great step for us to offer a fully sustainable range in clothing and underwear for autumn/winter 2021. We can get even better, but it is a big milestone that we initially hoped to accomplish by 2023.

What is the next step?

Our focus this year lies on the climate. We have signed up for reaching the 1,5° goal, meaning that we have to decrease our emissions by 30-50% by 2030. This year, we start by measuring the emissions from our production for the first time.

Why is that good for me as a consumer?

We want you to feel confident that when you choose to purchase a new piece of clothing from us, it is produced with respect for people and for the planet.

Are the products more expensive bc of sustainable materials?

​We have so far managed to keep price increases at bay, but until sustainable materials and processes are the default standard in the industry, I think that both companies and consumers will need to contribute, also financially. We pay more for organic chicken, shampoo, or skincare - why wouldn't we do the same for the things that we wear?

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world. How are you changing that?

Everything that we do, every decision taken within the company is linked to a more sustainable choice whenever possible. All our employees have green goals, both functional and private, that are followed up monthly. We are active in several networks where we discuss and try to find sustainable options for the industry. STICA, the Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action, is one of them. We also work with clients, factories, transporters, and all other stakeholders to collaboratively work for a better tomorrow.

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