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Meet a personal trainer - PT's best workout tips

Join us as we meet Sofie Järdler, personal trainer at Twitch, a company specializing in preventative and proactive health programs delivered digitally or on-site.

How do you start training with a PT, how do you get started with training and what is the best thing about working as a personal trainer? Read on to get the answers and also take part in both trend scouting and Sofie's best workout tips.

Personal training

How do you start training with a PT - what does the setup look like?

- For our part, the client contacts us and we start with a consultation to reconcile the current situation with the desired situation. We start from the individual and what his or her training goals are. A PT's task is to make the arrangement individually adapted to the customer's training goals - simply personal training.

Personal training

What services does a personal trainer offer?

- Basically, it is training and coaching offered by PTs. Training that is tailored to you as a customer.

In addition to that, we PTs at Twitch also help our customers with everything from dietary advice, entire training plans and health as a whole.

As a PT, you can be both a bit of a therapist and a trainer as you work so close to the individual, says Sofie. It is important that you always look at the customer as a whole, everything is connected both physically and mentally, but basically, of course, you come to us for the training.

Personlig träning

How does training with a PT online work?

- Twitch offers online PT, which is a relatively new service for them. You then train on your own but with help and coaching digitally.

"We develop a training program, have continuous follow-up and coaching digitally.

Training with PT online is an arrangement that suits those who are able to work out themselves but want guidance, help and tips to reach their goals and keep their guidelines along the way."

Personal training

How much does it cost to work out with a personal trainer?

- It is very different depending on the supplier, package solutions have a cheaper price. PT hours are somewhere between 800-1,000 SEK per hour. (Around 70-89 euros)

There are often different packages to choose from, with different numbers and different length of training sessions. It is also possible to buy individual hours to get started - simply a flexible arrangement where you meet the customer's needs and demands.

Personal training

What is the best thing about working as a personal trainer?

- To be able to contribute to people's development and improved health. Get more people active, moving and feeling better. To work with the personal contact and to help people to become stronger, feel better and to see that they reach their goals. The joy when they achieve their goals, everything from someone completing their first pull up, to someone being able to avoid pain, having a simplified everyday life - the things that become big for the people in question. It's so nice to be a part of the journey.

The training doesn't end either, you don't become a complete expert or have finished training.

"Training is not a project with an end - it's a lifelong project, I usually say."

Personal training

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start exercising but doesn't know how to get started?

- One tip could be to try group training classes to get help with encouragement and instructions about what to do. There will be a group that starts it and where you can follow along.

If you don't like group training and instead want to start working out at the gym - get help from a PT to get advice on how and what to do.

Another tip is to set low goals, to have a low bar from the start and manage these at first, and then work your way up.

For example, it could be training twice a week for four weeks. Short sessions are also enough, just to keep you going, low thresholds simply.

Remember that anything is better than nothing - two push-ups are better than zero.

"We believe that sports can make our minds, souls and bodies become something more than what they are today, and that anyone can become anything"

- Björn Borg motto

Personal training

What do you think will be the hottest workout trend in 2024?

- What is trendy now is to invest in your health and above all to invest in the health of your employees. We see that companies invest in occupational health care and have seen the importance of what health initiatives can do for employees' well-being, psychological and physical health. Björn Borg is a real example of success here when it comes to wellness efforts and how you work with these, very impressive, says Sofie.

Here are a few more trends Sofie believes will continue to be popular and will grow even more:

  • Using digital tools in training, such as smart watches and different types of wearables.

  • Train together in different formats such as, for example, bootcamps, groups that train for races, etc. Everything to get started and to increase motivation - to get together and train for events such as Tough viking, participate in various bootcamps, etc.

  • PT in a group, that is, getting some colleagues or friends together and training together. Fun, effective and personal!

  • Home workouts, outdoor training, and own body weight training are other forms of training that are popular - simple and require no equipment, which also saves money.

Personal training

Are there any exciting news in personal training - any new trends?

The digital has absolutely exploded, especially since the pandemic, but it has, however, started to go back more to physical meetings.

PT with the help of AI is another trend that we see coming for the future. I've read about it and it feels like it's happening, says Sofie. However, you then do not get the personal meeting or the personal arrangement in the same way, it will not be the same with AI in that way.

Personal training

Finally – What are your Top 3 workout tips?

- Dare to invest in yourself and take the help of a PT to get started

- Set goals but set reasonable goals, have low and multiple milestones to start with to keep you motivated and on track

- Bring colleagues or friends with you to the gym. Do what you think is fun because training should be fun!

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