Björn Borg | Mobility hip-hop with Team Salty

Mobility hip-hop with Team Salty

Roll out your mat, loosen up and wriggle your body back into alignment to dope beats together with our friends Team Salty. 

In Episode 1, the personal trainer, fitness instructor and practising physiotherapist Shavelie take us through exercises for core, spinal and hip mobility.


Mobility refers to the ability of a joint to move freely through its range of motion. If you are unable to use your joints and muscles with their full function, it can result in injury, pain and reduced performance. Ain’t nobody got time for that. This series is a perfect warm-up to your workout or a great way to wake up and move your body first thing in the morning.


To reap the full benefits, check out the rest of the series below. 



Unwind, realign and bounce along to these mellow beats. Happy training!