B.Tomorrow represents our journey towards a more sustainable future. It represents every step we take within our organisation to contribute to this common goal, but also our hope to inspire other to do the same. It stands for the idea that together; we can make a difference. In short, it is a vision and an approach in one: let's lead our lives to contribute to a better tomorrow. Let's B. Tomorrow!


Sustainability at Björn Borg is about:


  • To relentlessly work to reduce the environmental impact through sustainable materials and modern production techniques.

  • To secure human rights, good working conditions and fair salaries for workers in our factories are thoroughly followed.

  • To enforce strict regulations around the usage of chemicals and water.

  • To perform rigorous quality controls to secure long-lasting products with excellent fit.

  • To work towards 100% recyclable store interiors, bags, hangers, packaging and signs and renewable energy in our stores.

  • To constantly work to find better solutions for sustainable logistics.


For each collection, we introduce new products made from sustainably sourced materials and our goal is that by 2022, 100% of our products will be sustainable.