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Alice Stenlöf @alicestenlof

Meet our Tribe :

Alice Stenlöf, Swedish influencer and entrepreneur, founder of A-DSGN.

"I’m so excited and proud for being a part of @bjornborg!"

Why I #TrainToLive

"I move to feel strong, physically and mentally. Moving my body has been essential during times when I’ve felt overwhelmed by thoughts taking over my mind. Instead, I let them rest to let my body do the work, and every time my mind gets clearer.

As you may know by now, working out has always been a big part of my life and it has become an important part of who I am".

Alice Stenlöf - The Movement Capsule Collection

Movement is an act of gratitude towards the body.

This collection is created on Alice’s idea of the perfect sports apparel pieces, with perfect fit and fabrics as the main drivers.

“My vision with the collection was to create products I personally love to work out in. Everything from sweats in an oversized fit to cropped tops and the perfect seamless tights.”, says Alice Stenlöf.

Alice's picks

"I am obsessed with the seamless sets that just launched. Having cute workout outfits makes me even more motivated to get the sweat out".

This Centre set has the perfect softness to it. I'm totally obsessed with this colour.

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Find your Tribe / Interviews

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