Production & Human Rights


Björn Borg has been a member of Amfori for many years and applies the Amfori BSCI Code of Conduct. This means that the factories that produce our garments are contracted to follow certain regulations regarding human rights, security and working conditions. These regulations follow e.g. the United Nations guiding principles on business and human rights, and the International Labour Organisation’s conventions and declarations.

Controls are randomly conducted by independent inspection firms checking thirteen different performance areas. An important part of their work is to secure that suppliers meet our requirements for working conditions and a safe working environment in factories.​

We also send our own staff for in-factory inspections twice per year.


For collections released during 2018, our products are made in these factories.

Because of the indirect relationship we have with our sub-contractors (suppliers of for instance weaving and dyeing that are contracted in our factories that do the sewing of our clothes), we put pressure through our code of conduct for suppliers.

We also work with preventive actions such as factory inspections, chemical testing, and product development through for instance less water-dependent production technologies to secure as small of an environmental footprint as possible, that human rights are followed, and that our consumers get a safe final product.