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Gym bags guide - What to take to the gym

Introducing our gym bag guide - here we take you through our different styles of gym bags for men and women.

We talk about materials, design and details to help you find the best gym bag for you. You also get tips on what to take to the gym – a.k.a. the gym essentials.

Different kinds of gym bags

Find the gym bag for you

When choosing the best gym bag for you – start by looking at your needs, preferences and what type of bag suits your style. We have several different types of gym bags, everything from spacious duffle bags and sports bags to rucksacks and stylish totes.

Gym bag guide

What to take to the gym - Check list with the gym esssentials

Make sure you pack what you need to take to the gym. Look at our gym bag essentials checklist for help and inspiration, and ensure you're fully equipped for every workout session.

- Workout clothes (of course) – a good tip is to choose breathable fabrics that keep you cool and comfortable during those intense workouts. That goes for the underwear too, here at Björn Borg you will find lots of sports underwear for him and training underwear for her. And also, for the ladies – don’t forget your sports bra, an essential piece to give you the right support and making sure you’re comfortable.

- The right sports shoes for the type of training you’re going to do. Also add a great pair of sports socks with a stylish design and a fit that’s making sure the socks stay up during intense workouts.

- Water bottle – it’s always super important to stay hydrated!

- Pre-workout snack: Fuel your body with a balanced snack containing carbohydrates and protein for sustained energy. Eat it on your way to the gym and get ready for your workout.

- Post-workout nutrition: Pack a protein-rich snack or shake to aid muscle recovery and replenish energy stores.

- Headphones to turn the music up and get the motivation going throughout the workout session

- A lock for the locker if they’re not the kind with code locks

- Small things and training accessories like for example hair ties, resistance bands and workout gloves and belts for weight lifting

- Towel and toiletries like shampoo, soap and deodorant - store them nicely in a practical toiletry bag.

- Extra clothes and underwear – why not a comfortable sweatsuit set?

Gym bag guide

The features & materials in your gym bag

The style and design is often the first thing you see when you start looking for a new bag. Maybe it has your favourite colour or perhaps a nice print that makes you want to look at it more closely.

Other important factors when choosing your gym bag is of course the different features and materials that goes into the bag. Is it made from a material that will last long, does it have enough space and practical compartments to fit the things you need, and is it comfortable to carry?

Here at Björn Borg you’ll find a wide range of gym bags, backpacks, totes and padel and tennis bags. We have a lot of different styles, sizes and materials, and of course with lots of smart features to fit your needs.

Gym bag guide

Materials and smart features

Looking closer at some of the materials you can find on our gym bags, you will find for example:

  • Recycled polyester

  • Polyester with PU or TPE coating

  • Cotton

Taking a closer look at some smart features you can find bags with:

  • Pockets that have waterproof zippers

  • Adjustable shoulder straps and hand straps

  • Digital pocket for your laptop – a perfect way to combine and make your gym bag a work bag too

  • Zippered pockets inside and outside

  • The flexible carrying possibilities to both have it in your hand, on your shoulder or as a backpack

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