Our Stores

Our stores and packaging

All Björn Borg store interiors and store displays are made from recyclable materials, and so are our bags hangers and store signs.

The energy used in the majority of our Swedish stores is renewable, but so far renewable energy hasn't been implemented in stores on our other markets.

A couple of years ago, we replaced the previously used shipping boxes for underwear shipments with ÅterBära™ certified bags, made from recycled material. The bags require less space in transport and are 100% climate compensated through a certified plantation of trees in a Golden Standard certified tree plantation project in Colombia.

You might have seen the FSC logo on our underwear packaging. It looks like this:

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. It is an international non-profit organisation promoting responsible management of the world's forest and that certified forest derived products that they find eco-friendly.