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Guide to sports underwear for men & women

Join us as we guide you through our assortment of sports underwear!

Discover the benefits of specially adapted underwear for training, explore different materials and of course see examples of our stylish products for both men and women.

The right underwear for your workout

Different styles of sports underwear for women

Looking for full-coverage panties or a thong? When it comes to women's training panties, you can find both hipsters and thongs here at Björn Borg.

Try these stylish and comfortable seamless panties with laser-cut edges and a thin, flexible material made from recycled polyamide and elastane. They come in several different colors and can be stylishly matched with our wide selection of sports bras.

Men's sports underwear

In our wide selection of sports underwear for men, you will find both shorter boxers and boxers with long legs. Björn Borg's Performance boxers are available in several different colours and patterns and with the iconic Björn Borg logo on the waistband. Here you will find functional underwear both in 1-packs and in practical multi-packs.

We are very proud that Men's Health has named our Performance Boxers as some of the best underwear for workouts!

”The use of polyester means these trunks don’t feel like your standard boxers. Unlike classic cotton, the stretchy, lycra-like material is far lighter, offering greater breathability and flexibility. It delivered a close fit, didn’t stick to testers’ skin when they sweated and remained comfortable during every activity we subjected them to – from stretching to metcons. Our panel also raved about the absence of any bunching, overall support and style of these top-performing trunks.”

- Men's Health

Benefits of sports underwear

Why should you use special underwear for workouts?

- Using sports underwear when you exercise makes a big difference. Just like sportswear is made from materials that are adapted for movement and activity, with good breathability and moisture-wicking properties, the same applies to your underwear.

When you run, go to the gym or do other types of exercise, you sweat. To increase comfort during your workout, sports underwear helps to provide the right support, transport moisture away and keep you comfortable.

Since sports underwear is often seamless or has extra smooth seams, it also reduces the risk of chafing during exercise.

Stylish & comfortable panties for workouts

Performance Hipsters and Performance Thongs for women - sports underwear that are wonderfully soft, thin and invisible with their laser-cut edges. They are suitable for all types of training and of course also as a pair of comfortable everyday panties. Here are just a few of the benefits of our sports panties:

  • Stylish design and laser-cut edges that make them invisible under your sports tights or shorts.

  • Recycled polyamide and stretchy elastane.

  • Quick-drying and breathable material.

Popular boxers - Developed for training

Performance Boxers are specially developed for intense workouts. Here are just a few of the benefits of using sports underwear when you're at the gym, on a run, or whatever workout you're doing.

  • Extra smooth seams and an extra soft waistband to minimize friction against the skin.

  • Made from a fine material of recycled polyester and stretchy elastane.

  • Moisture-wicking material that quickly wicks away moisture and keeps you dry and comfortable throughout your workout.

Materials in our workout underwear

When it comes to our men's performance underwear, they are made of recycled polyester and elastane. Recycled polyester is made from PET bottles and manufacturing waste.

It's a moisture-wicking and quick-drying material, making it perfect for sweaty workouts and suitable for both sports underwear and other workout clothes.

Our workout panties for women are made of thin, flexible material in microfiber jersey of recycled polyamide and stretchy elastane, which is gentle on your skin. Recycled polyamide is a material recycled from waste in our oceans, such as fishing nets and plastic mats.

The seamless panties also have an inner lining in 100% cotton that enhances the comfortable feeling. They have laser-cut edges that prevent chafing and make them invisible under your sports tights or shorts.

Here you can read more about different materials and production techniques that we use in our clothes.

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