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Gifts for Kids

We make it easy to find gifts for kids, just check out our gift guide and get lots of inspiration for the upcoming gift shopping.

For example, check out our wide range of training and sports clothes for children. Maybe a nice Borg t-shirt and a pair of shorts, or why not invest in a cozy jogging set with a hoodie and sweatpants for the children? Choose from children's clothing with lots of nice colors and stylish prints.




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Birthday present for kids

Is your kids' birthday coming up? Here you will find lots of great tips on birthday presents for children. We offer functional and stylish sportswear for children in sizes from 122-128 up to 170. High quality, stylish design with lovely colors and prints characterize our collection of children's clothing.

Another good gift tip is our underpants for children, here you will find boxer briefs for boys in smart multi-packs. They come in a variety of nice colors, there are both plain colored underpants and models with cool patterns.

Does the child need a new school bag or gym bag for sports lessons? A Björn Borg bag is both a stylish and practical gift idea for children. Choose from a variety of models and colors. We have everything from classic backpacks and shoulder strap bags, to larger sports bags and smart gym bags. Why not put an additional little surprise in the bag for the child to find?

Gift ideas for children

At Björn Borg you will find gifts for children for all occasions to be celebrated. Whether it's a birthday present for the children, a small Easter present, this year's Christmas presents, well, whatever it may be, you'll find the gift ideas for children here.

Christmas presents for children

Is Christmas approaching? You will find all Christmas gifts for children here at Björn Borg. How about a new pair of sneakers, or maybe a cozy hoodie and sweatpants set for kids? Check out our tips and find this year's Christmas presents for the kids.