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Resistance band workout

Training with exercise bands is a simple, effective and gentle way to workout the whole body. Resistance bands are versatile and can be used to train all muscle groups, including arms, legs, abs and back.

How can you train with resistance bands? We inspire you and give you 8 exercises with exercise bands that you can do at home as well as at the gym or on vacation.

Benefits of resistance band workouts

Flexible training with exercise bands

The resistance band gives you the opportunity to create an effective workout routine wherever you are.

It is perfect both for training at home and at the gym. The exercise band is also a perfect exercise tool to take with you on the trip. They are small and easy to pack, and you can train anywhere.

When you train with an exercise band, you get a good resistance throughout the session and a resistance that you can also adjust according to yourself. When you have the resistance band stretched to the max, you challenge all muscles to maintain stability. With the help of the band's resistance, you also activate your abdominal muscles in an effective way.

Exercising with resistance bands as rehab when you have been injured is also good because you can build up the muscles slowly with a light resistance without overloading the body. It can also be good exercise for stretching if you have pain in your back, for example - but remember to take it carefully and listen to your body!

8 effective exercises with resistance bands

Additional inspiration on exercises with resistance bands

Here you can get further inspiration on effective exercises you can do with mini bands. Here, Karin Lundström demonstrates exercises with resistance bands that you can add to your next training session. If you want even more workouts with Karin - check out our articles with abdominal exercises and exercises with kettlebells.

Tips for working out with exercise bands

Exercise with resistance bands at home

Different types of training bands

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