Women's Tote Bags

Discover our Tote Bags - versatile bags for all occasions. They fit just as well as a training bag as for a day at work, a shopping trip in town or as a trendy beach bag.




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Practical Tote Bags with stylish design

Björn Borg's tote bags are not only stylish, they are incredibly practical. With enough space to accommodate your most important possessions, you can easily organize your things and keep everything you need to carry with you in order.

Choose from different colors and stylish prints and logo details that enhance the bag's design to the max.

Use your Tote Bag as a beach bag

As said, a tote bag has many good uses - and something that is both practical and stylish is using your tote bag as a beach bag. In it, you get plenty of space with both a towel, toiletries, change of clothes and other things you need for a day at the beach or by the pool.

Totes and shopping bags for all occasions

Totes are the perfect bag to just throw over your shoulder and take with you wherever you go. You can fit a lot and at the same time get a stylish accessory that both tops off your look with sportswear and enhances your everyday style.

Whether you use it as a training bag for the gym, a work bag for the office, as a school bag, or for a day on the town or at the beach, you'll feel ready to face the day with confidence and style.