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Arm workout at home - 10 great arm exercises

Exercising your arms at home is both simple, time-saving and effective. There are so many challenging arm exercises you can do at home. Here we have put together a training program that you can do with your own body weight and with the help of equipment and weights.

What you need is:

* 2 dumbbells

* A rubber band for training

10 arm exercises that train your arms effectively

Warming up before the workout

Triceps exercises at home

Triceps are the large muscles at the back of the upper arms that are responsible for elbow, shoulder and forearm movements. When training your triceps, you want to make sure you target each of the three heads of the triceps muscles.

There is a great variety in triceps training and many types of exercises that make it possible to train triceps both at home and in the gym. You can both do exercises with your own body weight or train triceps with dumbbells.

Classic push-ups

Walking plank

Tricep kickbacks

Tricep dips

Lateral raise

Biceps workout at home

Do you want to do effective arm exercises at home where you train biceps? Here we show you some fun and rewarding exercises you can do to train your biceps at home. Which exercises then train the biceps? There are lots of different biceps exercises, here we will focus, among other things, on a few different variations on curls.

Biceps curl with resistance band

Hammer curls with dumbbells

Reverse curl

Shoulder overhead press

Plank shoulder tap

Great job!

You have now completed an effective session for training your arms at home. Of course, you can also do this session at the gym, and then alternate between using equipment and, for example, using the cable machine.

As you can see, it is easy to vary arm exercises, both when it comes to execution and which tools you use. Design your own customized arm training program and place yourself at your own level with more or less resistance and intensity. It's both fun and challenging to build on and feel how you get stronger each time you do the session.

It's always a little more fun to train in nice sports clothes. Find inspiration in our large range of sportswear for women and workout clothes for men.

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