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Yoga for beginners - Easy session you can do at home

Yoga is effective exercise for the whole body. It is also a form of training with great variety, both when it comes to the many different types of yoga that exist, and about the positions in which it is practiced. There are both sitting and standing positions, challenging balance exercises and nice twists to stretch the body properly.

Are you curious about trying yoga but don't really know how to start or what exercises you should do? Welcome to our yoga session for beginners! Here we will guide you through some simple yoga exercises that you can easily do at home.

What is yoga?

Yoga at home

Yoga is a really good workout to do at home, the only thing you need is a yoga mat and possibly a pillow or rolled up blanket. For those who are interested, there are also lots of yoga accessories on the market. An example is yoga blocks to provide extra stability and height for different positions. Another popular accessory is a so-called bolster, which is a type of pillow that provides support and enhanced stretch.

Here below we will show some positions of simple yoga for beginners. There will be exercises that focus both on stretching and on strengthening, for example, your core. So make it cozy, turn off the lights, maybe light some candles and put on some calm music to get in the mood and join in with these yoga exercises that you can do at home in the living room.

Yoga position 1 - Focus breathing and back stretch

Yoga position 2 - Cat/Cow

Yoga position 3 - Plank Pose

Yoga position 4 - Downward-facing dog

Yoga position 5 - Child's pose

Yoga position 6 - Warrior II

Yoga position 7 - Triangle Pose

Yoga position 8 - Mountain Pose

Yoga position 9 - Standing forward bend

Yoga position 10 - Happy baby

Clothes for yoga

Here you can find inspiration for stylish and comfortable training clothes for the yoga session. In our assortment of yoga clothes you can choose from everything from comfortable seamless tights and matching sports bras, to stylish, long-sleeved crop tops.


We hope you enjoyed our session of yoga for beginners and that you felt you found peace on the yoga mat.

As we have gone through, there are so many positive effects from yoga sessions - both for body and mind. Try to incorporate yoga into your training routine and feel how you develop from starting with yoga positions for beginners to becoming more and more flexible in your body. It's so nice to start or end the day with a moment on the yoga mat to unwind and stretch the body - it doesn't have to be a long session, a few minutes can make a big difference.

Want to try more yoga sessions? Check out our article with effective Yin Yoga positions.


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