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Highlights from the Björn Borg sustainability report 2023

To contribute to a better tomorrow, our focus is on making changes where we can make the biggest difference. Through passion, a winning attitude and hard work, we are determined to run a company with the deepest respect for people and nature.

Our products are designed to outlast trend cycles through high quality, timeless design, more sustainably sourced materials, and better transportation and manufacturing processes. Our wider sustainability goals address the challenges posed by climate change and we have some great highlights from our latest 2023 Sustainability Report. Read more about them here!

Sustainability report 2023

A few words from our CEO

"I am convinced that we must actively contribute to a better future for fashion. We know that buying trends will be increasingly influenced by conscious consumers and investors. But our work is not only about managing reputational risk. It is about what feels right in our hearts. For me, it's about our mission: to inspire people to exercise to become the best versions of themselves and adopt a sustainable lifestyle that values both people, nature and products."

- Henrik Bunge


Head of Sustainability about some of the highlights from 2023

"In 2023, we made significant progress in line with our sustainability roadmap, reducing our CO2 emissions by 12% compared to our 2020 baseline.

Transparency in the supply chain is a crucial element of our sustainability strategy and we have made significant progress in 2023. We have collected climate data from a large part of our suppliers. Data gives us valuable insights and deeper understanding, allowing us to refine our strategy and action plan.

One of our successes this year was the rapid transition to renewable energy sources. Working closely with our suppliers, solar panels were successfully installed in several factories, significantly reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. This transition not only aligns with our plan to lower emissions, but also highlights the potential for collective action to drive sustainable change.

We have taken further steps to increase the use of more sustainably sourced materials in our products. As of now, 69% of our total production is made from recycled, organic or other low impact materials. Our ultimate goal is to move towards 100% more sustainably sourced materials by 2030."

- Sofia Svensson


Sustainability Highlights 2023

Sustainability work must come from within. It should not only be part of the business agenda but also a natural part of every single detail in the entire supply chain. Our strategy shows the way for our work going forward. Here is just a selection of highlights within our sustainability work:

  • Increased use of recycled polyester - Today 57% of all the polyester we use is recycled.

  • Better cotton – We collaborate with Better Cotton to help cotton communities survive and thrive while protecting and restoring the environment. Better Cotton is an initiative that educates growers to care for the environment and respect workers' rights and well-being. In 2023, 563 million liters of water were saved and 344 kg of active ingredient in pesticides were avoided through the purchase of Better Cotton. Here you can read more about Better Cotton.

  • Filling our shipping boxes - We have worked for a couple of years to find a good solution for our shipping boxes. The goal is to transport less air and a new solution will be implemented in 2024. We have made a decision to invest in a new folding machine for our warehouse. This will enable us to transport less air and as a result reduce our emissions quite significantly. We could save as much as 6600 m3 per year, which would have a big impact on our transport emissions.

  • During 2023, we have also mapped all packaging for incoming deliveries at our suppliers. - We will begin a transition to recycled material in the included cartons and polybags in 2024.

  • Reduced emissions from transport – Reduction of emissions from transport by 63% compared to 2022.

  • More sustainably sourced products - Status right now is that 100% of our clothes and 57% of all bags are more sustainably sourced products. Our goal is for 100% of our products to be more sustainably sourced. When we talk about more sustainably sourced products, the definition means that at least 70% of its weight must be in a more sustainably sourced material or that it supports the Better Cotton initiative. We believe that a material is more sustainably sourced when it is made from more durable or recycled fibres and is grown and manufactured using methods that have a smaller impact on the environment and the planet compared to conventional alternatives. Read more about sustainability here.

  • Reduced Co2 emissions from packaging – Our Co2 emissions from packaging have decreased by 23% since 2020.

  • Controlled wood, certified forests and recycled packaging - 100% of the cardboard in packaging for products, e-com and outbound shipping comes from certified forests, controlled wood or recycled packaging

  • Started selling second quality products in outlet stores – In 2023, a new concept was launched in our outlet stores, where we now also started selling products that came out of production with minor defects, at discounted prices. It has been much appreciated and is something we will continue with going forward.

Focus areas for 2024 and beyond

When we talk about the future, we often talk about "A better tomorrow" and we work hard and with a high focus on sustainability and work to reduce emissions from year to year.

There is also an increased focus on reducing all virgin fibers and ensuring a long-term sustainable working environment. Our best way to create value is to fight climate change through our entire value chain – from production and transport to design and sales.

Some of our key focuses:

  • More and better sourced material for products and packaging

  • Increased share of green energy

  • Energy efficiency and improvement of production processes

Our climate actions are designed to comply with the Paris Agreement's goal of 1.5° according to the STICA method - Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action. Our sustainability roadmap is reviewed annually and includes our ambition to limit and reduce our footprint.

A material or a production process can never be 100% sustainable. But we believe that by purchasing more sustainably sourced materials and improving production processes, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

Sustainability report 2023

2024 Highlights

We have more recycled materials in products coming in 2024. Here are some of the highlights that will hit the market in 2024:

  • All linings for our bags will be made from recycled materials.

  • We are increasing the proportion of organic cotton in our UW Her and leisure concepts.

  • We introduce recycled cotton into our products.

  • We implement recycled polyester and recycled polyamide in the elastic of our Performance Underwear and Premium Cotton Stretch underwear.

  • We are launching Bamboo Viscose products and new loungewear in TENCEL™ Lyocell.

We have also initiated a group that is focused on finding better dyeing techniques for our range in the coming seasons. This is an important step in our roadmap for reducing emissions by 2030.


Sustainable people & a winning concept with our Train to live DNA

Our belief that training can make us better is with us in everything we do - we don't live to train, we train to live. #traintolive

With training we become faster, smarter, healthier and more efficient. Our ambition to be a first-class employer is demonstrated first and foremost by giving people the opportunity to become the best version of themselves. We believe that if you are given the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, you will become better, and nothing stands in the way of becoming what you want.

Sustainable people – some of our components for success:

Healthy work/life balance - support through performance management systems to achieve a good balance and avoid negative stress. A continuous follow-up of our goals every month together with the manager.

Workflow, which means that we spend one hour each week working in silence on prioritizing, planning for the coming week and emptying our mailboxes - a simple way to create control and good structure for our work.

Sports hour - We are given opportunities to exercise daily and there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to exercise - and every Friday attendance is mandatory and we all exercise together - a perfect end to the work week!

Here you can read the 2023 sustainability report in full.

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